Scenario - Using Open vSwitch with SFC


Operators can choose to configure SFC mechanism with Open vSwitch instead of ODL through the neutron networking-sfc project. The SFC configuration results in OVS flows being configured with SFC specifics using MPLS as dataplane technology. This document outlines how to set it up in your environment.


Configure your networking according the Open vSwitch setup:

OpenStack-Ansible user variables

Create a group var file for your network hosts /etc/openstack_deploy/group_vars/network_hosts. It has to include:

# Ensure the openvswitch kernel module is loaded
  - name: "openvswitch"

Set the following user variables in your /etc/openstack_deploy/user_variables.yml:

### neutron specific config
neutron_plugin_type: ml2.ovs

neutron_ml2_drivers_type: "flat,vlan"

 - router
 - metering
 - flow_classifier
 - sfc

# Typically this would be defined by the os-neutron-install
# playbook. The provider_networks library would parse the
# provider_networks list in openstack_user_config.yml and
# generate the values of network_types, network_vlan_ranges
# and network_mappings. network_mappings would have a
# different value for each host in the inventory based on
# whether or not the host was metal (typically a compute host)
# or a container (typically a neutron agent container)
# When using Open vSwitch, we override it to take into account
# the Open vSwitch bridge we are going to define outside of
# OpenStack-Ansible plays
  network_flat_networks: "*"
  network_types: "vlan"
  network_vlan_ranges: "physnet1:102:199"
  network_mappings: "physnet1:br-provider"

Note: The only difference to the Standard Open vSwitch configuration is the setting of the neutron_plugin_base.