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OpenStack-Ansible os_tempest role

Ansible role to install OpenStack Tempest.

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Tempest is a testing framework consisting of a set of integration tests to test any deployed OpenStack cloud.

os_tempest mission

To provide a re-usable ansible role which installs, configures and runs Tempest.


The reason we have come up with this idea is because every OpenStack project uses playbooks and shell scripts to install, run and configure Tempest which are only slightly different but their purpose is the same.

When every project uses its own way to use Tempest, it’s really harder to cooperate (cross projects) together to solve any issues which may occur.

That’s where the re-usability steps in. By using the same role we can faster react to any issues which occurred in one project and may have an effect on another one.


  • maintenance of only one set of playbooks and scripts

  • heads-up for issues related to particular tests

  • bigger focus on development and maintenance of the one set of playbooks and scripts

  • decreasing of time consumption needed to install, configure and run Tempest for new OpenStack projects - no need to write their CI Tempest procedures from scratch