OpenStack-Ansible Repo Server

Ansible role that deploys a repository server for python packages, git sources and package caching for deb/rpm.

To clone or view the source code for this repository, visit the role repository for repo_server.

Default variables

## Verbosity Options
debug: False

## Cap the maximum number of threads / workers when a user value is unspecified.
repo_nginx_threads_max: 16
repo_nginx_threads: "{{ [[ansible_processor_vcpus|default(2) // 2, 1] | max, repo_nginx_threads_max] | min }}"

## APT Cache Options
cache_timeout: 600

## Centos EPEL repository options
repo_centos_epel_mirror: "{{ centos_epel_mirror | default('') }}"
repo_centos_epel_key: "{{ centos_epel_key | default('') }}"

## Centos NGINX repository options
repo_centos_nginx_mirror: "{{ centos_nginx_mirror | default('$basearch/') }}"
repo_centos_nginx_key: "{{ centos_nginx_key | default('') }}"

# Set the package install state for distribution and pip packages
# Options are 'present' and 'latest'
repo_server_package_state: "latest"
repo_server_pip_package_state: "latest"

repo_worker_connections: 1024
repo_server_name: openstack-slushee

repo_service_home_folder: /var/www
repo_service_user_name: nginx
repo_service_group_name: www-data

# If you want to regenerate the repo users SSH keys, on each run, set this var to True
# Otherwise keys will be generated on the first run and not regenerated each run.
repo_recreate_keys: False

# Main web server port
repo_server_port: 8181

# This directory is used by the repo_build, and will cause problems if synced
# to repo_containers with other releases.
repo_build_global_links_dirname: links

Required variables


Example playbook

    - name: Setup repo servers
      hosts: repo_all
      user: root
        - { role: "repo_server", tags: [ "repo-server" ] }