The OpenStack-Ansible repository provides playbooks and scripts used to upgrade an environment from Liberty to Mitaka. The run-upgrade.sh script runs each upgrade playbook in the correct order, or playbooks can be run individually if necessary.

Running the upgrade script

The Mitaka release series of OpenStack-Ansible contain the code for migrating from Liberty to Mitaka.

To upgrade from Liberty to Mitaka using the upgrade script, perform the following steps in the openstack-ansible directory:

# git checkout stable/mitaka
# LATEST_TAG=$(git describe --abbrev=0 --tags)
# git checkout ${LATEST_TAG}
# ./scripts/run-upgrade.sh

Upgrading manually

Deployers can run the upgrade steps manually. See Manual Upgrade Steps. Manual execution is useful for scoping the changes in the upgrade process (For example, in very large deployments with strict SLA requirements), or for inclusion into other orchestration for upgrade automation beyond what OpenStack-Ansible provides.

Upgrade actions

Both the upgrade script and manual upgrade steps perform the actions and use the concepts introduced below.

Configuration changes

The upgrade process modifies files residing in /etc/openstack_deploy in order to reflect new Mitaka values.

Flag files

Some flag files are created by the migration scripts in order to achieve idempotency. These files are placed in the /etc/openstack_deploy.LIBERTY directory.

RabbitMQ upgrade

Upgrade the RabbitMQ server during an OpenStack-Ansible upgrade.

See setup-infrastructure.yml for details.

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