This section describes scripts that are used in the upgrade process in detail.

Within the main scripts directory there is a upgrade-utilities directory, which contains additional scripts that facilitate the initial upgrade process.

This script controls the overall upgrade process for deployers choosing not to do so manually.

It provides the following environment variables:

  • SCRIPTS_PATH - path to the top level scripts directory
  • MAIN_PATH - openstack_ansible root directory.
  • UPGRADE_PLAYBOOKS - path to the playbooks used in upgrading

The upgrade script also bootstraps OpenStack-Ansible (using in order to provide the new role dependencies introduced in the Liberty series.

Upstream decisions influenced the change of some variable names in Liberty. This script replaces any instances of these strings in the variable override files matching the pattern /etc/openstack_deploy/user_*.yml. Variable names within comments are updated.

This script creates files of the form /etc/openstack_deploy.LIBERTY/VARS_MIGRATED_file. For example, once the script has processed the file /etc/openstack_deploy/user_variables.yml, it creates /etc/openstack_deploy.LIBERTY/VARS_MIGRATED_user_variables. This indicates to OpenStack-Ansible to skip this step on successive runs. The script itself does not check for this file.

The variable changes are shown in the following table.

Old Value New Value

Called by deploy-config-changes.yml

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