Minor upgrades

Minor upgrades


To avoid issues and simplify troubleshooting during an upgrade, first disable the security hardening role by setting your variable apply_security_hardening to False in the user_variables.yml file.

A minor upgrade typically requires the following steps:

  1. Change directory into the repository clone root directory:

    # cd /opt/openstack-ansible
  2. Ensure your OpenStack-Ansible code is on the latest Newton tagged release:

    # git checkout 14.2.16
  3. Update all the dependent roles to the latest version:

    # ./scripts/bootstrap-ansible.sh
  4. Change into the playbooks directory:

    # cd playbooks
  5. Update the hosts:

    # openstack-ansible setup-hosts.yml
  6. Update the infrastructure:

    # openstack-ansible -e rabbitmq_upgrade=true \
  7. Update all OpenStack services:

    # openstack-ansible setup-openstack.yml


Scope upgrades to specific OpenStack components by executing each of the component playbooks using groups.

For example:

  1. Update only the Compute hosts:

    # openstack-ansible os-nova-install.yml --limit nova_compute
  2. Update only a single Compute host:


    Skipping the nova-key tag is necessary as the keys on all Compute hosts will not be gathered.

    # openstack-ansible os-nova-install.yml --limit <node-name> \
        --skip-tags 'nova-key'

To see which hosts belong to which groups, the inventory-manage.py script shows all groups and their hosts. For example:

  1. Change directory into the repository clone root directory:

    # cd /opt/openstack-ansible
  2. Show all groups and which hosts belong to them:

    # ./scripts/inventory-manage.py -G
  3. Show all hosts and which groups they belong:

    # ./scripts/inventory-manage.py -g

To see which hosts a playbook will execute against, and to see which tasks will execute.

  1. Change directory into the repository clone playbooks directory:

    # cd /opt/openstack-ansible/playbooks
  2. See the hosts in the nova_compute group which a playbook executes against:

    # openstack-ansible os-nova-install.yml --limit nova_compute \
  3. See the tasks which will be executed on hosts in the nova_compute group:

    # openstack-ansible os-nova-install.yml --limit nova_compute \
                                            --skip-tags 'nova-key' \
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