Reference information

Reference information

This is a draft reference information page for the proposed OpenStack-Ansible operations guide.

Linux Container commands

The following are some useful commands to manage LXC:

  • List containers and summary information such as operational state and network configuration:

    # lxc-ls --fancy
  • Show container details including operational state, resource utilization, and veth pairs:

    # lxc-info --name container_name
  • Start a container:

    # lxc-start --name container_name
  • Attach to a container:

    # lxc-attach --name container_name
  • Stop a container:

    # lxc-stop --name container_name

Finding Ansible scripts after installation

All scripts used to install OpenStack with Ansible can be viewed from the repository on GitHub, and on the deployment host.

The repository containing the scripts and playbooks is located at

To access the scripts and playbooks on your deployment host, follow these steps.

  1. Log into your deployment host.
  2. Change to the /opt/openstack-ansible directory.
  3. The scripts directory contains scripts used in the installation.
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