Inventory and variables

Inventory and variables

Our dynamic Inventory

OpenStack-Ansible ships with its own dynamic inventory. You can find more explanations on the inventory.

Variable precedence

Role defaults

Every role has a file, defaults/main.yml which holds the usual variables overridable by a deployer, like a regular Ansible role. This defaults are the closest possible to OpenStack standards.

Group vars and host vars

OpenStack-Ansible provides safe defaults for deployers in its group_vars folder. They take care of the wiring between different roles, like for example storing information on how to reach RabbitMQ from nova role.

You can override the existing group vars (and host vars) by creating your own folder in /etc/openstack_deploy/group_vars (and /etc/openstack_deploy/host_vars respectively).

If you want to change the location of the override folder, you can adapt your openstack-ansible.rc file, or export GROUP_VARS_PATH and HOST_VARS_PATH during your shell session.

Role vars

Because OpenStack-Ansible is following Ansible precedence, every role vars/ will take precedence over group vars. This is intentional. You should avoid overriding these variables.

User variables

If you want to override a playbook or a role variable, you can define the variable you want to override in a /etc/openstack_deploy/user_*.yml file.

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