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The goal of OpenStack-Helm is to provide a collection of Helm charts that simply, resiliently, and flexibly deploy OpenStack and related services on Kubernetes.


  • Join us on IRC: #openstack-helm on oftc

  • Community IRC Meetings: [Every Tuesday @ 1500 UTC], #openstack-helm in IRC (OFTC)

  • Meeting Agenda Items: Agenda

  • Join us on Slack - #openstack-helm


Bugs and enhancements are tracked via OpenStack-Helm's Storyboard.

Installation and Development

Please review our documentation. For quick installation, evaluation, and convenience, we have a minikube based all-in-one solution that runs in a Docker container. The set up can be found here.

This project is under active development. We encourage anyone interested in OpenStack-Helm to review our Installation documentation. Feel free to ask questions or check out our current Storyboard backlog.

To evaluate a multinode installation, follow the Bare Metal install guide.


Developers wishing to work on the OpenStack-Helm project should always base their work on the latest code, available from the OpenStack-Helm git repository.

OpenStack-Helm git repository


We welcome contributions. Check out this document if you would like to get involved.