The ServerIP Class

The ServerIP class inherits from Resource.

class openstack.compute.v2.server_ip.ServerIP(_synchronized=False, connection=None, **attrs)

The base resource

  • _synchronized (bool) – This is not intended to be used directly. See new() and existing().

  • connection (openstack.connection.Connection) – Reference to the Connection being used. Defaults to None to allow Resource objects to be used without an active Connection, such as in unit tests. Use of self._connection in Resource code should protect itself with a check for None.


The IP address. The format of the address depends on version


The network label, such as public or private.


The ID for the server.

classmethod list(session, paginated=False, server_id=None, network_label=None, base_path=None, **params)

This method is a generator which yields resource objects.

This resource object list generator handles pagination and takes query params for response filtering.

  • session (Adapter) – The session to use for making this request.

  • paginated (bool) – True if a GET to this resource returns a paginated series of responses, or False if a GET returns only one page of data. When paginated is False only one page of data will be returned regardless of the API’s support of pagination.

  • base_path (str) – Base part of the URI for listing resources, if different from base_path.

  • allow_unknown_params (bool) – True to accept, but discard unknown query parameters. This allows getting list of ‘filters’ and passing everything known to the server. False will result in validation exception when unknown query parameters are passed.

  • params (dict) – These keyword arguments are passed through the _transpose() method to find if any of them match expected query parameters to be sent in the params argument to get(). They are additionally checked against the base_path format string to see if any path fragments need to be filled in by the contents of this argument.


A generator of Resource objects.


MethodNotSupported if Resource.allow_list is not set to True.


InvalidResourceQuery if query contains invalid params.