ServiceDescription object

class openstack.service_description.ServiceDescription(service_type, supported_versions=None, aliases=None)

Class describing how to interact with a REST service.

Each service in an OpenStack cloud needs to be found by looking for it in the catalog. Once the endpoint is found, REST calls can be made, but a Proxy class and some Resource objects are needed to provide an object interface.

Instances of ServiceDescription can be passed to openstack.connection.Connection.add_service, or a list can be passed to the openstack.connection.Connection constructor in the extra_services argument.

All three parameters can be provided at instantation time, or a service-specific subclass can be used that sets the attributes directly.

  • service_type (string) – service_type to look for in the keystone catalog

  • aliases (list) – Optional list of aliases, if there is more than one name that might be used to register the service in the catalog.

service_type = None

main service_type to use to find this service in the catalog

supported_versions = None

Dictionary of supported versions and proxy classes for that version

aliases = []

list of aliases this service might be registered as