Option Deprecation

If you want to rename some options, move them to another group or remove completely, you may change their declarations using deprecated_name, deprecated_group and deprecated_for_removal parameters to the Opt constructor:

from oslo_config import cfg

conf = cfg.ConfigOpts()

opt_1 = cfg.StrOpt('opt_1', default='foo', deprecated_name='opt1')
opt_2 = cfg.StrOpt('opt_2', default='spam', deprecated_group='DEFAULT')
opt_3 = cfg.BoolOpt('opt_3', default=False, deprecated_for_removal=True)

conf.register_opt(opt_1, group='group_1')
conf.register_opt(opt_2, group='group_2')

conf(['--config-file', 'config.conf'])

assert conf.group_1.opt_1 == 'bar'
assert conf.group_2.opt_2 == 'eggs'
assert conf.opt_3

Assuming that the file config.conf has the following content:

opt1 = bar

opt_2 = eggs
opt_3 = True

the script will succeed, but will log three respective warnings about the given deprecated options.

There are also deprecated_reason and deprecated_since parameters for specifying some additional information about a deprecation.

All the mentioned parameters can be mixed together in any combinations.