• Apply eventlet workaround only once

  • Fix broken reference to rate_limit_except_level


  • Fix eventlet detection

  • Update TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/2024.1

  • Update .gitreview for stable/2024.1


  • pre-commit: Integrate bandit

  • pre-commit: Bump versions

  • Bump hacking

  • Update python classifier in setup.cfg


  • Deprecate Windows support

  • Update master for stable/2023.2


  • Catch RuntimeError when loading log config file

  • Bump bandit

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Revert “Moves supported python runtimes from version 3.8 to 3.10”

  • Moves supported python runtimes from version 3.8 to 3.10

  • Update master for stable/2023.1

  • Imported Translations from Zanata


  • tox - fix allowlist_external issues

  • Cleanup py27 support


  • Make the eventlet logging fix execution conditional


  • Fix logging in eventlet native threads


  • [Fix] init global_request_id if not in context

  • Drop python3.6/3.7 support in testing runtime


  • Log Global Request IDs by default

  • Add system scope information to default user identity string

  • Update CI to use unversioned jobs template

  • Add Zed in versionutils

  • Add Python3 yoga unit tests

  • Fix formatting of release list


  • Add Yoga to versionutils

  • Use project when logging the user identity

  • Update python testing classifier


  • Replace deprecated arguments of RequestContext


  • Ussuri+ is python3 only

  • setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores

  • Remove references to ‘sys.version_info’


  • Drop lower-constraints

  • Fix log_rotate_interval help text formatting

  • Move flake8 as a pre-commit local target

  • Add Xena to versionutils

  • remove unicode from code

  • Dropping lower constraints testing


  • Use py3 as the default runtime for tox

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Add Python3 wallaby unit tests

  • Update master for stable/victoria

  • Adding pre-commit


  • zuul: port the legacy grenade job

  • Bump bandit version

  • Added uwsgi_name information into fluentFormatter event message


  • Add Victoria and Wallaby in versionutils.deprecated


  • Stop to use the __future__ module

  • Default facility to None in OSJournalHandler class


  • Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions

  • Remove the unused coding style modules

  • Remove translation sections from setup.cfg

  • Add missing SYSLOG_FACILITY to JournalHandler

  • Remove monotonic usage

  • Align contributing doc with oslo’s policy

  • Bump default tox env from py37 to py38

  • Add py38 package metadata

  • Add release notes links to doc index

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Add Python3 victoria unit tests

  • Update master for stable/ussuri


  • Use unittest.mock instead of third party mock

  • drop use of six


  • Add Victoria and Wallaby releases to versionutils


  • remove outdated header

  • Switch to hacking 2.x

  • Stop to build universal wheel

  • Ignore releasenote artifacts files


  • Drop python 2.7 support and testing

  • Drop use of unittest2

  • tox: Trivial cleanup


  • Always use jsonutils.to_primitive ‘fallback’ parameter


  • Serialize complex objects in FluentFormatter

  • Migrate grenade jobs to py3


  • tox: Keeping going with docs

  • Switch to official Ussuri jobs

  • Update master for stable/train

  • Add Ussuri release to versionutils


  • Add Python 3 Train unit tests

  • Use setLevel instead of setting logger.level directly

  • Bump the openstackdocstheme extension to 1.20

  • Blacklist sphinx 2.1.0 (autodoc bug)

  • Remove incubator migration docs

  • Modify the constraints url in tox

  • Add logging guidelines based on previous spec

  • Fix guidelines w.r.t. translation of log messages

  • Schedule a periodical check of requirements to catch py2.7 issues quickly


  • Avoid for constraints support

  • Cap bandit below 1.6.0 version and update sphinx and limit monotonic

  • Replace URLs with URLs


  • OpenDev Migration Patch

  • Dropping the py35 testing

  • Add TRAIN to deprecated releases

  • Use raw string for regex

  • Added cmdline information into fluentFormatter event message

  • Replace git:// URLs with https://

  • Update master for stable/stein


  • Clarify some config options

  • Add ‘levelkey’ + ‘tbkey’ params


  • Use template for lower-constraints


  • Default oslo.policy logging to INFO

  • Update mailinglist from dev to discuss

  • Fix handling of exc_info in OSJournalHandler

  • Fix up nits in log rotation change


  • Add config options for log rotation

  • Advancing the protocal of the website to HTTPS in usage.rst


  • Add Windows Event Log handler

  • Clean up .gitignore references to personal tools

  • Always build universal wheels

  • Add devstack job with JSONFormatter configured


  • Filter args dict in JSONFormatter

  • add lib-forward-testing-python3 test job

  • add python 3.6 unit test job

  • rewrite tests to not rely on implementation details of logging module

  • import zuul job settings from project-config

  • Follow the new PTI for document build

  • Migrate to stestr

  • Fix lower-constraints job

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Update reno for stable/rocky


  • Add release notes link to README

  • Automatically append reset_color to log lines

  • fix tox python3 overrides

  • Provide reset_color key on log record

  • tox: Group targets and tool configuration together

  • tox: Don’t set basepython in testenv


  • Fix Formatter subclasses for Python 3.2+

  • Fix file permissions

  • Remove stale pip-missing-reqs tox test

  • Trivial: Update pypi url to new url

  • Fix sphinx-docs job

  • set default python to python3


  • Add Stein release to versionutils

  • Add ROCKY to deprecated releases

  • add lower-constraints job

  • Increase sleep time in testsuite to make it more robust

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Add Rocky release to versionutils._RELEASES

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update links in README

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Zuul: Remove project name

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Zuul: Remove project name

  • Update reno for stable/queens

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • update structured logging tests to prove context id is included

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Truncate error_summary if exc_info not explicitly passed

  • Cleanup test-requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata


  • Updated from global requirements


  • Remove setting of version/release from releasenotes

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Capture context in its own key for JSON-based formatters


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove checks for auth_token in JSON-based formatter tests

  • Add release note for use_json option

  • Add option to use JSON formatter

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Zuul: add file extension to playbook path

  • JSONFormatter convert unserializable with repr()


  • Allow logging of unhashable exceptions in Python 3

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Migrate to Zuul v3

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update the documentation link for doc migration

  • Update the documentation link

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update reno for stable/pike

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update URLs according to document migration

  • Add missing variable html_last_updated_fmt


  • Updated from global requirements

  • switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme

  • rearrange content to fit the new standard layout

  • only show error_summary for warning and error messages

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add log.get_loggers method

  • Updated from global requirements


  • do not add error_summary for debug log messages


  • Updated from global requirements

  • formatter: skip ImportError when adding error_summary

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix bug in log_method_call decorator

  • clarify release note for error summary handling

  • fix test description comment

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Oslo i18n 3.15.2 has broken deps

  • Remove deprecated module loggers

  • Updated from global requirements

  • add line number information to fluentd formatter

  • add error_summary support for fluentd formatter

  • add error_summary support to JSONFormatter

  • refactor error summary logic so it can be reused

  • improve the documentation for log format strings

  • skip built-in exceptions when adding error_summary

  • make handling of error_summary more flexible

  • add exception summaries to the main log line

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Use dict arg values for unicode checks in ContextFormatter


  • Add oslo_messaging to the list of log levels

  • Add additional info like python-systemd does


  • Fix syslog module usage breaking Windows compatibility

  • Updated from global requirements


  • add an extras dependency for systemd

  • Optimize the link address

  • Always create OSSysLogHandler

  • protect systemd class initialization when syslog is not available

  • Documentation for journal usage

  • Systemd native journal support

  • When record.args is None, it should not give an exception


  • Trivial: Remove testscenarios from test-requirements.txt

  • Check reStructuredText documents for common style issues

  • Use Sphinx 1.5 warning-is-error

  • Fix some reST field lists in docstrings

  • Remove log translations


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove ‘verbose’ option (again)


  • Added is_debug_enabled helper

  • Updated from global requirements

  • [Fix gate]Update test requirement

  • Revert “Remove ‘verbose’ option (again)”

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove support for py34

  • pbr.version.VersionInfo needs package name ( and not oslo_xyz)

  • tail support, log filtering, executable, and splitlines bug fix

  • Must not go underneath the context object and access __dict__

  • Fix devstack colors

  • Update reno for stable/ocata

  • Remove ‘verbose’ option (again)

  • Remove references to Python 3.4


  • Replace method attr in vars() to hasattr

  • Add Constraints support


  • Avoid converting to unicode if not needed

  • Show team and repo badges on README


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata


  • Modify use of assertTrue(A in B)

  • Change assertTrue(isinstance()) by optimal assert

  • Add a json reformatter command

  • Enable release notes translation

  • Add support for P and Q release names

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • modify the home-page info with the developer documentation

  • Add a filter to rate limit logs

  • Implement FluentFormatter

  • Fix races in unit tests

  • standardize release note page ordering

  • Use six.wraps instead of functools

  • Update reno for stable/newton

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix typos


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Default use_stderr to False



  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fixes unit tests on Windows


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix parameters of assertEqual are misplaced

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove discover from test-requirements

  • Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv


  • Replace “LOG.exception(_” with “LOG.exception(_LE”

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Reload log_config_append config on SIGHUP

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • log: Introduce _iter_loggers

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements



  • Updated from global requirements

  • Provide a normal method for deprecation warnings


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Make available to log encoded strings as arguments

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix typo: ‘Olso’ to ‘Oslo’

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Convert unicode data to utf-8 before calling syslog.syslog()

  • log: don’t create foo.log

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Use new logging specific method for context info

  • Reduce READ_FREQ and TIMEOUT for watch-file


  • Revert “Remove ‘verbose’ option”

  • Fix regression causing the default log level to become WARNING

  • Remove ‘verbose’ option


  • Fix example issue

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Allow reload of ‘debug’ option


  • Imported Translations from Zanata


  • Remove direct dependency on babel


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove outdated comment in ContextFormatter

  • Enable log_method_call to work on static method

  • Explicitly exclude tests from bandit scan

  • Improve olso.log test coverage for edge cases

  • Improve test code coverage of _options

  • Update reno for stable/mitaka

  • Unit test cleanup and validation improvements

  • Added +2 release names for versionutils

  • Fix broken links in docs usage page

  • Enable bandit in gate

  • Updated from global requirements


  • use log.warning instead of log.warn

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove deprecated use-syslog-rfc-format option


  • Add release note for removed log_format option

  • Updated from global requirements

  • add page for release notes for unreleased versions

  • add a release note about using reno


  • Add reno for release notes management

  • remove pypy from default tox environment list

  • stop making a copy of options discovered by config generator

  • always run coverage report

  • Remove bandit.yaml in favor of defaults


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix spell typos

  • set oslo.cache and dogpile to INFO

  • Update translation setup

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Improve Logging docs with inline examples and context example

  • Revert “Pass environment variables of proxy to tox”

  • Clean up removed hacking rule from [flake8] ignore lists

  • Provide a deprecated_reason for use_syslog_rfc_format

  • Remove deprecated log-format option


  • Improve documentataion of Oslo Log Usage

  • Added public method to getting default log levels

  • Updated from global requirements

  • enable isotime for exceptions

  • assertIsNone(val) instead of assertEqual(None,val)


  • Set keystoneauth default log level to WARN

  • Add ISO8601/RFC3339 timestamp to ContextFormatter

  • Format record before passing it to syslog

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Pass environment variables of proxy to tox

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Trival: Remove ‘’


  • Remove iso8601 dependency

  • Remove duplicated profiles section from bandit.yaml

  • test_logging_error: build a logger at the test level

  • Cleanup all handlers in _setup_logging_from_conf

  • Drop python 2.6 support

  • Add a ‘bandit’ target to tox.ini


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Log to sys.stderr to avoid “No handlers could be found…”

  • Remove python 2.6 classifier

  • Remove python 2.6 and cleanup tox.ini

  • Refactor Python 2.6 check to use constant


  • The user_identity format flexibility

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Allow oslo.log to work on non-linux platforms


  • Fix coverage configuration and execution

  • No need for Oslo Incubator Sync

  • Add hostname field to JSONFormatter

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Fix unintended assignment of “syslog”

  • Make doc title consistent with readme

  • add documentation with example of an external configuration file

  • add auto-generated docs for config options

  • Update option docs for when log config is used

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add optional ‘fixture’ dependencies

  • Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors

  • Fix the home-page value in setup.cfg with

  • FastWatchedFileHandler class was added


  • Fix poor examples of exception logging

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Fix package name for PublishErrorsHandler

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix duplicate-key pylint issue

  • Maintain old oslo logger names


  • Add Mitaka release to versionutils

  • Update single letter release names to full names

  • Provide a way to register versionutils options

  • Imported Translations from Transifex

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Set verbose to True and deprecate it

  • Define TRACE logging level

  • Imported Translations from Transifex

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Imported Translations from Transifex

  • Add more default fancier formatting params

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Do not report deprecations in subclasses

  • Imported Translations from Transifex

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add tox target to find missing requirements


  • Remove duplication of fatal_deprecations option

  • setting taskflow log level to WARN

  • Imported Translations from Transifex


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Switch badges from ‘’ to ‘’

  • Deprecate use-syslog-rfc-format for removal



  • Do not fail if syslog is not available

  • Allow integer logging levels


  • Use proper deprecation for use-syslog-rfc-format option

  • Replace RFCSysLogHandler by a syslog() based one

  • Make remove_in=0 (no removal) use a better syntax

  • Remove is_compatible from versionutils

  • Add versionutils options to list_opts

  • Add versionutils to API documentation

  • Advertise support for Python3.4 / Remove support for Python 3.3

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove

  • Deprecate WritableLogger - used for eventlet logging

  • Log deprecation message when catching deprecated exceptions

  • Change misleading TRACE to ERROR


  • Uncap library requirements for liberty

  • Provide an API to let tempest control the log file

  • fix pep8 errors

  • Add pypi download + version badges

  • Update to latest hacking

  • Add link to Logging Guidelines

  • move versionutils into place

  • Add liberty release name to versionutils

  • Expose opts entry point for version_utils

  • Switch from oslo.config to oslo_config

  • Remove oslo.log code and clean up versionutils API

  • Remove code that moved to oslo.i18n

  • Enhance versionutils.deprecated to work with classes

  • Add Kilo release name to versionutils

  • Allow deprecated decorator to specify no plan for removal

  • Add JUNO as a target to versionutils module

  • pep8: fixed multiple violations

  • Use oslotest instead of common test module

  • Use hacking import_exceptions for gettextutils._

  • fixed typos

  • Fix violations of H302:import only modules

  • Adds decorator to deprecate functions and methods

  • Remove vim header

  • Add `versionutils` for version compatibility checks

  • Default to True for use-syslog-rfc-format

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Restore automatic unicode conversion

  • Add migration notes


  • Updated from global requirements


  • Pickup instance from log format record

  • Make use_syslog=True log to syslog via /dev/log


  • Updated from global requirements

  • update urllib3.util.retry log level to WARN


  • Expose fixtures through oslo_log.fixture

  • Add fixture to let tests change log levels

  • Rename logging fixture module

  • Update comment to match implementation

  • fix link to bug tracker in readme

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update Oslo imports to remove namespace package


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add API documentation

  • Implement resource to logging extra keywords

  • Use RequestContext store in oslo_context

  • Correct the translation domain for loading messages

  • Correct the position of the syslog handler

  • Enhance the README a bit

  • Switch to oslo.context

  • Move files out of the namespace package

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual

  • Added helper decorator to log method arguments

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add oslo.config.opts entry_points in setup.cfg

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Activate pep8 check that _ is imported

  • Add pbr to installation requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove audit log level

  • Switch from ContextAdapter to ContextFormatter

  • Move adapter properties to base class

  • Add KeywordArgumentAdapter

  • Remove extraneous vim editor configuration comments

  • Support building wheels (PEP-427)

  • Imported Translations from Transifex

  • Imported Translations from Transifex

  • Use oslo.utils and oslo.serialization

  • Fix test env order for testrepository db format

  • log: add missing space in error message

  • fix typo and formatting in contributing docs

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove duplicate test and cleanup unnecessary files

  • Use fixtures from oslo.i18n and oslo.cfg

  • Extract WritableLogger from log module

  • Move handlers and formatters out

  • Remove dependency on global CONF

  • switch test from info to error

  • Test formatting errors with log level being emitted

  • Imported Translations from Transifex

  • Simple doc cleanup

  • Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing

  • warn against sorting requirements

  • Make the local module private

  • Move the option definitions into a private file

  • Initial translation setup

  • Fix testr failure under python2.6

  • Get py27 amd pep8 to work

  • exported from oslo-incubator by

  • Set stevedore log level to WARN by default

  • Add unicode coercion of logged messages to ContextFormatter

  • Correct coercion of logged message to unicode

  • Except socket.error if syslog isn’t running

  • Fix E126 pep8 errors

  • log: make tests portable

  • Set keystonemiddleware and routes.middleware to log on WARN level

  • Adjust oslo logging to provide adapter is enabled for

  • Make logging_context_format_string optional in log.set_defaults

  • log: make set_defaults() tests clean up properly

  • Add default log level for websocket

  • Ability to customize default_log_levels for each project

  • Python 3: enable tests/unit/

  • Move `mask_password` to strutils

  • update new requests logger to default WARN

  • Remove extra whitespace

  • Use oslo.messaging to publish log errors

  • pep8: fixed multiple violations

  • Add a RequestContext.from_dict method

  • Fix common.log.ContextFormatter for Python 3

  • Mask passwords included without quotes at the ends of commands

  • Use moxstubout and mockpatch from oslotest

  • Fixes a simple spelling mistake

  • always log a traceback in the sys.excepthook

  • Remove redundant default=None for config options

  • Fix logging setup for Python 3.4

  • Mask passwords that are included in commands

  • Improve help strings

  • Remove str() from LOG.* and exceptions

  • Fix python26 compatibility for RFCSysLogHandler

  • Use oslotest instead of common test module

  • Revert setting oslo-incubator logs to INFO

  • Set default log levels for oslo.messaging and oslo-incubator

  • Python 3: enable tests/unit/middleware/

  • Add default user_identity to logging record

  • Add model_query() to db.sqlalchemy.utils module

  • Remove None for dict.get()

  • Rename Openstack to OpenStack

  • Fixture to reraise exceptions raised during logging

  • Emit message which merged user-supplied argument in log_handler

  • Log unit test improvements

  • Use ContextFormatter for imparting context info

  • Fix deprecated messages sent multiple times

  • default connectionpool to WARN log level

  • Backport ‘ident’ from python 3.3 for Oslo’s SysLogHandler

  • remove extra newlines that eventlet seems to add

  • Small edits on help strings

  • Add error type to unhandled exception log message

  • Logging excepthook: print exception info if debug=True

  • Utilizes assertIsNone and assertIsNotNone

  • Fix spelling errors in comments

  • Use hacking import_exceptions for gettextutils._

  • Correct invalid docstrings

  • Translation Message improvements

  • Remove keystone from default_log_levels default

  • Adding domain to context and log

  • Unify different names between Python2/3 with six.moves

  • Remove vim header

  • Don’t log to stdout when log_dir is set

  • Remove uuidutils imports in oslo modules

  • Adds admin_password as key to be sanitized when logging

  • Revert “Removes generate_uuid from uuidutils”

  • Do not name variables as builtins

  • Removes generate_uuid from uuidutils

  • Default iso8601 logging to WARN

  • Use six.text_type instead of unicode function in tests

  • Add mask password impl from other projects

  • Use fileutils.write_to_tempfile in LogConfigTestCase

  • allow keeping of existing loggers with fileConfig

  • Add amqp=WARN,qpid=WARN to default_log_levels

  • Replace assert_ with assertTrue

  • Don’t override default value for eventlet.wsgi.server logging

  • _get_log_file_path explictly return, when logfile/logdire unset

  • Make openstack.common.log Python 3 compatible

  • Make Messages unicode before hitting logging

  • Adding instance_uuid to context and log

  • Replace using tests.utils part2

  • Make a cStringIO usage in test_log py3 compatible

  • Bump hacking to 0.7.0

  • Replace using tests.utils with openstack.common.test

  • Modify to not be dependent on Eventlet

  • python3: handle module moves in log

  • Enable H302 hacking check

  • Add missing license header

  • Fix bad default for show_deleted

  • Highlighting the deprecated nature of ‘log-format’

  • Enable hacking H404 test

  • Enable hacking H402 test

  • python3: python3 binary/text data compatbility

  • Enable hacking H403 test

  • Remove the notifier and its dependencies from

  • Deprecate log_format and change default to None

  • oslo logging tries to run chmod on file

  • Improve Python 3.x compatibility

  • Support for lazily instantiated loggers

  • Incorrect logging setup - duplicating root handlers

  • Replaces the standard uuid with common in the context module

  • Gracefully handle errors in logging config files

  • clarify –log-file comments

  • Include PID in default logging_context_format_string

  • Initialize root logger in _setup_logging_from_conf()

  • Fix Copyright Headers - Rename LLC to Foundation

  • Unignore log_format option

  • Fix inconsistency with auth_tok/auth_token

  • Setup exception handler after configuring logging

  • Use oslo-config-2013.1b3

  • Don’t use subprocess for testing excepthook

  • Emit a warning if RPC calls made with lock

  • Replace direct use of testtools BaseTestCase

  • Use testtools as test base class

  • Move logging config options into the log module

  • Fixes import order errors

  • Verbose should not enable debug level logging

  • Fix pep8 E125 errors

  • Improve millisecond logging

  • Enable millisecond logging by default

  • Allow nova and others to override some logging defaults

  • update deprecated stanza

  • Adjust the logging_context_format_string

  • Fix the log test so it uses the available context fields

  • Restore proper LoggerTestCase

  • move nova.common.deprecated to openstack-common

  • Use pep8 v1.3.3

  • Improve logging of process id

  • Fix meaningless test case

  • Add multiple-driver support to the notifier api

  • Install a qualified except hook

  • Remove code to clear basicConfig root log handlers

  • don’t throw exceptions if %(color)s tag is used

  • fix bug lp:1019348,update openstack-common to support pep8 1.3

  • Fix missing gettextutils in several modules

  • Move get_context_from_function_and_args() to

  • Switch common files to using jsonutils

  • Pass in stream as positional argument to StreamHandler

  • Add common logging and notification

  • Added dictify() and uuids to the common request context

  • Add greenthread local storage model from nova

  • add context ‘tests’

  • make the skeleton project a template

  • reog from import merge

  • Add some more generic middleware, request context, utils, and versioning. Add basic template for server binary

  • Initial skeleton project