exception oslo_messaging.ClientSendError(target, ex)

Raised if we failed to send a message to a target.

exception oslo_messaging.DriverLoadFailure(driver, ex)

Raised if a transport driver can’t be loaded.

exception oslo_messaging.ExecutorLoadFailure(executor, ex)

Raised if an executor can’t be loaded.

exception oslo_messaging.InvalidTransportURL(url, msg)

Raised if transport URL is invalid.

exception oslo_messaging.MessagingException

Base class for exceptions.

exception oslo_messaging.MessagingTimeout

Raised if message sending times out.

exception oslo_messaging.MessagingServerError

Base class for all MessageHandlingServer exceptions.

exception oslo_messaging.NoSuchMethod(method)

Raised if there is no endpoint which exposes the requested method.

exception oslo_messaging.RPCDispatcherError

A base class for all RPC dispatcher exceptions.

exception oslo_messaging.RPCVersionCapError(version, version_cap)
exception oslo_messaging.ServerListenError(target, ex)

Raised if we failed to listen on a target.

exception oslo_messaging.UnsupportedVersion(version, method=None)

Raised if there is no endpoint which supports the requested version.