Pika Driver Deployment Guide

Pika Driver Deployment Guide


the Pika driver is no longer maintained and will be removed from Oslo.Messaging at a future date. It is recommended that all users of the Pika driver transition to using the Rabbit driver.


Pika is a pure-Python implementation of the AMQP 0-9-1 protocol including RabbitMQ’s extensions. It is very actively supported and recommended by RabbitMQ developers


PikaDriver is one of oslo.messaging backend drivers. It supports RPC and Notify patterns. Currently it could be the only oslo.messaging driver across the OpenStack cluster. This document provides deployment information for this driver in oslo_messaging.

This driver is able to work with single instance of RabbitMQ server or RabbitMQ cluster.


Enabling (mandatory)

To enable the driver, in the section [DEFAULT] of the conf file, the ‘transport_url’ parameter should be set to pika://user:pass@host1:port[,hostN:portN]

[DEFAULT] transport_url = pika://guest:guest@localhost:5672

Connection options (optional)

In section [oslo_messaging_pika]: #. channel_max - Maximum number of channels to allow,

  1. frame_max (default - pika default value): The maximum byte size for an AMQP frame,
  2. heartbeat_interval (default=1): How often to send heartbeats for consumer’s connections in seconds. If 0 - disable heartbeats,
  3. ssl (default=False): Enable SSL if True,
  4. ssl_options (default=None): Arguments passed to ssl.wrap_socket,
  5. socket_timeout (default=0.25): Set timeout for opening new connection’s socket,
  6. tcp_user_timeout (default=0.25): Set TCP_USER_TIMEOUT in seconds for connection’s socket,
  7. host_connection_reconnect_delay (default=0.25): Set delay for reconnection to some host after connection error

Connection pool options (optional)

In section [oslo_messaging_pika]:

  1. pool_max_size (default=10): Maximum number of connections to keep queued,
  2. pool_max_overflow (default=0): Maximum number of connections to create above pool_max_size,
  3. pool_timeout (default=30): Default number of seconds to wait for a connections to available,
  4. pool_recycle (default=600): Lifetime of a connection (since creation) in seconds or None for no recycling. Expired connections are closed on acquire,
  5. pool_stale (default=60): Threshold at which inactive (since release) connections are considered stale in seconds or None for no staleness. Stale connections are closed on acquire.”)

DevStack Support

Pika driver is supported by DevStack. To enable it you should edit local.conf [localrc] section and add next there:

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