Command Line Interface

This document describes the various command line tools exposed by oslo.policy to manage policies and policy files.


Run the command line oslopolicy-checker to check policy against the OpenStack Identity API access information.

Command-line arguments:

  • --policy POLICY path to policy file.

  • --access ACCESS path to access token file.

  • --rule RULE (optional) rule to test. If omitted, tests all rules.

  • --is_admin IS_ADMIN (optional) set is_admin=True on the credentials.

Sample access tokens are provided in the sample_data directory.


Test all of Nova’s policy with an admin token

tox -e venv -- oslopolicy-checker \
  --policy  /opt/stack/nova/etc/nova/policy.json
  --access sample_data/auth_v3_token_admin.json

Test the compute_extension:flavorextraspecs:index rule in Nova’s policy with the admin member token and is_admin set to True

tox -e venv -- oslopolicy-checker \
  --policy  /opt/stack/nova/etc/nova/policy.json \
  --access sample_data/auth_v3_token_admin.json \
  --is_admin=true --rule compute_extension:flavorextraspecs:index

Test the compute_extension:flavorextraspecs:index rule in Nova’s policy with the plain member token

tox -e venv -- oslopolicy-checker \
  --policy  /opt/stack/nova/etc/nova/policy.json \
  --access sample_data/auth_v3_token_member.json \
  --rule compute_extension:flavorextraspecs:index


The oslopolicy-sample-generator command can be used to generate a sample policy file based on the default policies in a given namespace. This tool requires a namespace to query for policies and supports output in JSON or YAML.


To generate sample policies for a namespace called keystone:

oslopolicy-sample-generator --namespace keystone

To generate sample policies in JSON use:

oslopolicy-sample-generator --namespace nova --format json

To generate a sample policy file and output directly to a file:

oslopolicy-sample-generator --namespace keystone \
  --format yaml \
  --output-file keystone-policy.yaml

Use the following to generate help text for additional options and arguments supported by oslopolicy-sample-generator:

oslopolicy-sample-generator --help


The oslopolicy-list-redundant tool is useful for detecting policies that are specified in policy files that are the same as the defaults provided by the service. Operators can use this tool to find policies that they can remove from their policy files, making maintenance easier.

This tool assumes a policy file containing overrides exists and is specified through configuration.


To list redundant default policies:

oslopolicy-list-redundant --namespace keystone --config-dir /etc/keystone

For more information regarding the options supported by this tool:

oslopolicy-list-redundant --help