• Dropping lower constraints testing


  • Map system_scope in creds dictionary

  • Update TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/wallaby

  • Update .gitreview for stable/wallaby

  • Move flake8 as a pre-commit local target


  • trivial: Tweak docstrings

  • Make ‘Rule’ attributes read-only

  • Don’t modify ‘Rule.check’

  • Add nova/neutron project unit/functional tests job in gate


  • Work on copy of registered rule instead of original object


  • Handle deprecated rule only once

  • Switch to

  • Add documentation parameters for DeprecatedRule

  • tests: Unset requests-related environment variables

  • pre-commit: Resolve dependency conflicts

  • remove unicode from code


  • Fix oslopolicy-j2y-convertor tool for RuleDefault

  • Add policy file selection logic when default changing to yaml

  • Fix grammar issues


  • Remove format option examples in policy generator

  • Fix hacking min version to 3.0.1

  • Remove all usage of six library

  • Adding pre-commit

  • Add Python3 wallaby unit tests

  • Update master for stable/victoria


  • [goal] Migrate testing to ubuntu focal

  • sample-generator: Improve YAML output


  • Log warning for redundant file rules

  • Deprecate the JSON support for policy_file

  • Add oslopolicy-convert-json-to-yaml tool

  • Bump bandit version


  • Fix unit tests to work with stevedore > 2.0.1

  • Clarify what exactly an “access file” is


  • Don’t deepcopy objects before mask_dict_password

  • Include example of literal comparison policy rule


  • docs: Add separate man page for each CLI tool

  • Add oslopolicy-validator tool


  • Reload files in policy_dirs on primary file change

  • Fix pygments style


  • Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions

  • Remove the unused coding style modules

  • Remove translation sections from setup.cfg

  • Align contributing doc with oslo’s policy

  • docs: Add description of ‘oslopolicy-policy-generator’

  • Bump default tox env from py37 to py38

  • Add py38 package metadata

  • Add release notes links to doc index

  • Add Python3 victoria unit tests

  • Update master for stable/ussuri

  • Mark sphinx extensions thread safe


  • Fix doc comments for new enforce default flag

  • Allow disabling the default check_str change warnings

  • Add new config to enforce the new defaults

  • Cleanup warnings

  • Remove the conversion according to the comment of jdennis

  • Bump oslo.utils to 3.40.0


  • Use unittest.mock instead of third party mock

  • Update hacking for Python3


  • Don’t parse cli args on the global object in sphinxpolicygen


  • Temporarily make namespace arg optional


  • remove outdated header

  • [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing

  • Link to the Keystone role documentation

  • Make HTTP check doc heading more specific

  • Initialize global config object in cli tools

  • Move away from python test who is deprecated in pbr

  • tox: Trivial cleanup

  • Follow the new PTI for document build


  • Don’t use string processing to combine deprecated rules

  • Bump the openstackdocstheme extension to 1.20


  • tox: Keeping going with docs

  • Switch to Ussuri jobs

  • Modernize policy checker

  • Update the constraints url

  • Update master for stable/train

  • Suppress deprecation warnings in oslopolicy-list-redundant

  • Fix reference cycle caused by deprecated sample override




  • Add attribute to suppress deprecation warnings

  • Only alias when policy names change

  • Add unit tests on the sphinxext indent function

  • Move doc related modules to doc/requirements.txt

  • Add Python 3 Train unit tests

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Replace URLs with URLs

  • Cap Bandit below 1.6.0 and update Sphinx requirement


  • OpenDev Migration Patch

  • Dropping the py35 testing

  • Clarify policy_file configuration option help text

  • Update master for stable/stein

  • Corrects tox.ini snippet to point to config file

  • Provide more specific error when namespace is missing

  • Add py36 and py37 tox envs


  • add python 3.7 unit test job

  • Update hacking version


  • Add ability for policy-checker to read configuration



  • Fix sample config value when set_defaults is used

  • Fixes is_admin type from StrOpt to BoolOpt

  • Fixes file access using with statements


  • Use template for lower-constraints

  • Use oslo.config instead of argparse

  • Add policy-upgrade tool


  • Prevent sensitive target data from being logged


  • Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss


  • Fully log RBAC enforcement data

  • Add domain scope support for scope types

  • Make upgrades more robust with policy overrides

  • oslopolicy-checker: iterate through rules in sorted order

  • Enhance test to prevent JSON parsing regression

  • Correct typo in docs


  • Fix usage of token fixture in shell tests


  • Add ability to pass in target data for the oslopolicy-checker

  • Pass in policy name as part of the oslopolicy-check check call

  • Unit test for CLI


  • Update sphinx extension logging

  • Add minor nits in testing documentation

  • Clean up .gitignore references to personal tools

  • Add guidelines for naming policies


  • Add docs for developers testing APIs


  • sphinxext: Start parsing ‘DocumentedRuleDefault.description’ as rST

  • Docs: Remove references to JSON format

  • add lib-forward-testing-python3 test job

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • add python 3.6 unit test job

  • Move _capture_stdout to a common place

  • Remove PyPI downloads

  • import zuul job settings from project-config

  • Update reno for stable/rocky


  • Avoid redundant policy syntax checks


  • Teach Enforcer.enforce to deal with context objects

  • Pass dictionary as creds in policy tests

  • Fix requirements and convert to stestr

  • Add blueprints and releasenotes link to README

  • generator: Reimplement wrapping of ‘description’

  • fix tox python3 overrides


  • Add CLI usage documentation

  • Clarify CLI documentation

  • Remove erroneous newline in sample generation

  • Update sphinxext to include scope_types in docs


  • Fix document formatting

  • Add examples and clarification around scope_types

  • Include deprecated_reason when deprecated_rule is set

  • Include both new and deprecated rules in generated sample

  • trivial: Fix file permissions


  • Remove stale pip-missing-reqs tox test

  • make the sphinxpolicygen extension handle multiple input/output files

  • Update documentation to include usage for new projects

  • Trivial: Update pypi url to new url

  • set default python to python3

  • add lower-constraints job

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update links in README


  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Update reno for stable/queens

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Render deprecated policy names when generating files

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Only log deprecation warnings when they are overridden


  • Add a release note for enforce_scope

  • Add configuration option for enforcing scope


  • Fix string injection for InvalidScope


  • Imported Translations from Zanata


  • Add scope_types to RuleDefault objects


  • Remove -U from pip install

  • Avoid for constraints support

  • add bandit to pep8 job

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Handle deprecation of inspect.getargspec

  • Remove setting of version/release from releasenotes

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Add functionality to deprecate policies

  • Pass creds as a dict in tests


  • Documentation and release notes for plugins

  • expand type documentation for Enforcer arguments

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • http/https check rules as stevedore extensions

  • External Policy hook should support SSL


  • Modification to add additional information in the HTTPCheck request


  • Updated from global requirements

  • rewrite HttpCheckFixture to not mock out entire HttpCheck class


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add JSON output option to sample generator


  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • throw an exception when sphinxext cannot find the config file

  • Update reno for stable/pike

  • fix formatting for empty defaults

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update URLs in documents according to document migration

  • Fix parsing bug when config file is empty


  • import configuration guide content from openstack-manuals repo

  • sphinxext: Use field lists in output

  • sphinxext: Format definition lists correctly

  • switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme

  • move existing documentation into new standard layout


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Simplify message of exception PolicyNotAuthorized

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add Sphinx extension to pretty-print modules

  • Optimize the link address

  • Check reStructuredText documents for common style issues


  • Update usage documentation

  • Add release note for DocumentedRuleDefault

  • Remove log translations

  • oslopolicy-sample-generator description support

  • Use Sphinx 1.5 warning-is-error


  • Comment out the rule from generated sample-policy file

  • Modify tests in test_generator

  • Add additional param to policy.RuleDefault

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Seperate each policy rule with new line


  • Allow multiline descriptions for RuleDefaults


  • Updated from global requirements

  • [Fix gate]Update test requirement

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove support for py34

  • pbr.version.VersionInfo needs package name ( and not oslo_xyz)

  • Delete the unnecessary word in

  • Update reno for stable/ocata

  • Add optional exception for check_rules


  • Remove references to Python 3.4

  • Remove dead code and use default value of argparse

  • Add Constraints support

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Improved performance of parse_file_contents() method

  • Show team and repo badges on README

  • Remove wrong parameter type for class NotCheck from docstring

  • Fix a code logic while doing cyclical reference check to the policy

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add missing parameter description in module _cache_handler

  • Fix typo in oslo.policy

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add stevedore to requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Make exception PolicyNotAuthorized more readable


  • Change assertTrue(isinstance()) by optimal assert

  • Perform basic checks on policy definitions

  • Enable release notes translation

  • Changed the home-page link

  • Change assertTrue(isinstance()) by optimal assert


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update docs on policy sample generator

  • Updated from global requirements

  • doc: Add introduction to index page

  • Add sphinx extension to build sample policy

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Doc: declare YAML/JSON support

  • Remove oslo.utils from requirements

  • Update reno for stable/newton


  • Revert “Adds debug logging for policy file validation”

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Delete H803 in flake8 ignore


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add note about not all APIs support policy enforcement by user_id

  • Allow policy file to not exist

  • Adds debug logging for policy file validation

  • Fixed unit tests running on Windows

  • Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix mispelled method name in setup.cfg

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata


  • Updated from global requirements


  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Improve policy sample generation testing

  • Add helper scripts for generating policy info


  • Add sample file generation script and helper methods

  • Add equality operator to policy.RuleDefault

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix typo: ‘olso’ to ‘oslo’

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add reno for release notes management

  • Add policy registration and authorize method

  • Updated from global requirements

  • doc: Fix wrong import statement in usage


  • Trivial: ignore openstack/common in flake8 exclude list


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Deprecate load_json() in favor of load()

  • Support policy file in YAML


  • Updated from global requirements


  • Update translation setup

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Revert “Pass environment variables of proxy to tox”

  • Run docs testenv by default with tox

  • Add oslopolicy-checker command-line tool


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Don’t crash on RoleCheck when roles not present

  • assertIsNone(val) instead of assertEqual(None,val)


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add string format rendering to RoleCheck.__call__()

  • Pass environment variables of proxy to tox

  • Fixes combined “and” and “or” rule handling

  • Make sure item of policy_dirs is directory

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Use dict comprehension

  • Don’t generate doc from test


  • Trival: Remove ‘’

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Use requests-mock instead of httpretty in tests

  • Clarify usage docs

  • Correct invalid doc references


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove Python 2.6 classifier

  • Remove python 2.6 and cleanup tox.ini


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Use JSON generator

  • Add test for enforce with rule doesn’t exist

  • Add test for raising default exception

  • Add test for invalid JSON

  • Add cover test requirement

  • Fix a typo in


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Custom fixture to avoid external call in HttpCheck

  • Fix coverage configuration and execution

  • add auto-generated docs for config options

  • Add version/downloads links/badges into README.rst

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Use requests in http check instead of urllib

  • Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors

  • Updated from global requirements

  • remove deprecation text for policy_dirs option


  • Updated from global requirements


  • Pass reference then actual to assertEqual

  • Overwrite option should not cause policy file reloading

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Setup translations

  • Have the enforcer have its own file cache

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix typo of ‘available’ in

  • Fixes up the API docs and module index


  • Remove oslo-incubator specific code

  • Move fileutils functions to oslo.policy

  • Add six and oslo.utils to requirements

  • Add tox target to find missing requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Fix Enforcer docstring


  • Expose base check classes as part of public API

  • Cleanup logging to conform to guidelines

  • Cleanup logging to conform to guidelines

  • Remove support for Python 3.3

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Uncap library requirements for liberty

  • Fix invalid indentation in _load_policy_file method

  • Cleanup README.rst and setup.cfg

  • Avoid reloading policy files in policy.d for every call

  • Lists for Generic Checks

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Switch to non-namespaced module imports


  • deprecate policy_dirs option

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Expose register and Check as part of public API

  • provide more descriptive exception


  • Add missing space to help message

  • Add Rules.from_dict classmethod

  • Use assertTrue or assertFalse where appropriate

  • Fix the order of args to assertEqual in tests


  • Clean up configuration option management

  • Update comments about tox configuration

  • Fix i18n imports

  • Change default set of tox environments

  • Create the temporary files needed for tests

  • Fix minor spelling issues in oslo.policy

  • Use single quotes consistently

  • Do not log on missing or empty policy_dirs

  • Remove symlinked file from tests

  • document the migration process and update the docs a bit

  • Use standard logging in oslo.policy

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove globals that were introduced for compatibility

  • Upgrade hacking to >=0.10.0

  • Remove oslo.concurrency from requirements

  • Stop shouting test attribute names

  • Do not use global enforcer for tests

  • Make use of private modules

  • Privatize parsing classes

  • Add entry points for option discovery

  • Add pep8 import exception for oslo_policy._i18n

  • Use oslo_i18n

  • Perform an oslo-sync

  • General docstring cleanup

  • Drop use of oslo namespace for oslo libraries

  • Update .gitignore

  • Drop usage of namespaced packages

  • Remove use of graduated modules

  • Add docstrings for check classes

  • Correct docstring references

  • Improve policy documentation

  • Explicit configuration object

  • Fix project metadata

  • Add API documentation

  • Move project imports after 3rd party imports

  • Fix tests

  • Add openstack.common and requirements fixes

  • exported from oslo-incubator by

  • Improving docstrings for policy API

  • Don’t log missing policy.d as a warning

  • Add rule overwrite flag to Enforcer class

  • Fixed a problem with neutron http policy check

  • Expanding the help text for policy_dirs

  • policy: add a missing staticmethod declaration

  • Fixes nits in module policy

  • add list_opts to all modules with configuration options

  • Correct default rule name for policy.Enforcer

  • Minor fixes in policy module

  • Delete graduated serialization files

  • Remove code that moved to oslo.i18n

  • Allow dictionary lookup in credentials with dot notation

  • Remove graduated test and fixtures libraries

  • Fix typo to show correct log message

  • Use MultiStrOpt for policy_dirs

  • Add support for policy configration directories

  • Fix deletion of cached file for policy enforcer

  • Make policy debug logging less verbose

  • Improve help strings

  • Use oslotest instead of common test module

  • policy: rename Exception to avoid nose regression

  • Adds a flag to determine whether to reload the rules in policy

  • Documenting policy.json syntax

  • Update oslo log messages with translation domains

  • Fix policy tests for parallel testing

  • Allow policy.json resource vs constant check

  • Replaces use of urlutils with six in policy module

  • Utilizes assertIsNone and assertIsNotNone

  • Use hacking import_exceptions for gettextutils._

  • Use urlutils functions instead of urllib/urllib2

  • Remove vim header

  • Use six.string_type instead of basestring

  • Apply six for metaclass

  • ConfigFileNotFoundError with proper argument

  • Keystone user can’t perform revoke_token

  • Remove useless unit test codes in test_policy

  • Replace using tests.utils part2

  • Bump hacking to 0.7.0

  • Fix wrong argument in openstack common policy

  • Fix missing argument bug in oslo common policy

  • Fix policy default_rule issue

  • Allow use of hacking 0.6.0 and enable new checks

  • Fix missing argument bug in oslo common policy

  • Enable H302 hacking check

  • Enable hacking H404 test

  • Enable H306 hacking check

  • python3: python3 binary/text data compatbility

  • Reduce duplicated code related to policies

  • Removes len() on empty sequence evaluation

  • Convert unicode for python3 portability

  • Replaces standard logging with common logging

  • Update to use flake8

  • Removes unused imports in the tests module

  • update OpenStack, LLC to OpenStack Foundation

  • Replace direct use of testtools BaseTestCase

  • Use testtools as test base class

  • Fix pep8 E125 errors

  • Revert “Add support for finer-grained policy decisions”

  • Remove an unneeded ‘global’

  • Add support for finer-grained policy decisions

  • Add a ‘not’ operator to the policy langage

  • Add a new policy language

  • Remove deprecated policy engine APIs

  • Rewrite the policy engine from scratch

  • Use pep8 v1.3.3

  • Allow non-string items in the creds dict

  • Use function registration for policy checks

  • Fix missing gettextutils in several modules

  • Switch common files to using jsonutils

  • Update common code to support pep 1.3. bug 1014216

  • Common-ize policies

  • initial commit

  • Initial skeleton project