• reno: Update master for unmaintained/zed

  • Remove old excludes

  • Update sslutils.wrap for newer Pythons

  • Make signal handling order predictable

  • Update master for stable/2024.1

  • reno: Update master for unmaintained/xena

  • reno: Update master for unmaintained/wallaby

  • reno: Update master for unmaintained/victoria


  • Switch to coverage command

  • reno: Update master for unmaintained/yoga

  • pre-commit: Integrate doc8 and bandit

  • pre-commit: Bump versions

  • Bump hacking

  • Update python classifier in setup.cfg


  • Update master for stable/2023.2


  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Bump bandit

  • Revert “Moves supported python runtimes from version 3.8 to 3.10”

  • Moves supported python runtimes from version 3.8 to 3.10

  • Update master for stable/2023.1


  • Fix issues related to tox4


  • Fix misuse of assertTrue

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Add Python3 antelope unit tests

  • Update master for stable/zed

  • Fix native threads on child process


  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Drop python3.6/3.7 support in testing runtime

  • Add Python3 zed unit tests

  • Update master for stable/yoga


  • Make debug option of wsgi server configurable


  • Fix fo() backdoor command for non-class objects

  • Fix BackOffLoopingCall error so it is not misleading

  • Add Python3 yoga unit tests

  • Update master for stable/xena


  • setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores

  • Remove references to ‘sys.version_info’

  • Move flake8 as a pre-commit local target

  • Add Python3 xena unit tests

  • Update master for stable/wallaby

  • Remove lower-constraints remnants


  • remove unicode from code


  • Dropping lower constraints testing

  • Drop custom implementation of EVENTLET_HUB


  • Use py3 as the default runtime for tox


  • Add Python3 wallaby unit tests

  • Update master for stable/victoria

  • Adding pre-commit


  • [goal] Migrate testing to ubuntu focal

  • Bump bandit version


  • Do not import “oslo.log” in the main module



  • Fix wsgi SSL tests for wsgi module under python 3

  • Reactivate wsgi test related to socket option under python 3

  • Fix wsgi/SSL/ipv6 tests for wsgi module under python 3

  • Fix some SSL tests for wsgi module under python 3

  • Raise minimum version of eventlet to 0.25.2

  • Fix pygments style

  • Stop to use the __future__ module


  • Drop six usages

  • Fix hacking min version to 3.0.1

  • Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions

  • Remove the unused coding style modules

  • Remove translation sections from setup.cfg

  • Align tests with monkey patch original current_thread _active

  • Remove monotonic usage

  • Align contributing doc with oslo’s policy

  • Monkey patch original current_thread _active

  • Bump default tox env from py37 to py38

  • Add py38 package metadata

  • Use unittest.mock instead of third party mock

  • Add release notes links to doc index

  • Add Python3 victoria unit tests

  • Update master for stable/ussuri

  • Cleanup py27 support


  • Update hacking for Python3


  • Update eventlet

  • Update the minversion parameter

  • remove outdated header

  • reword releasenote for py27 support dropping


  • [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing

  • tox: Trivial cleanup


  • Add ‘is_available’ function

  • tox: Keeping going with docs

  • Switch to official Ussuri jobs

  • Extend test cert validity to 2049

  • Update the constraints url


  • Update master for stable/train


  • Reno for SIGHUP fix


  • Polish usage.rst

  • restart: don’t stop process on sighup when mutating

  • Move doc related modules to doc/requirements.txt

  • Add Python 3 Train unit tests


  • Stop using pbr to build docs

  • Make PID availabe as formatstring in backdoor path


  • Cap Bandit below 1.6.0 and update Sphinx requirement

  • Add workers’ type check before launching the services

  • Replace URLs with URLs

  • OpenDev Migration Patch

  • Dropping the py35 testing

  • Update master for stable/stein


  • Update oslo.service to require yappi 1.0 or newer

  • add python 3.7 unit test job

  • Update hacking version


  • Bump oslo.utils lower constraint to 3.40.2


  • Profile Oslo Service processes

  • Use eventletutils Event class

  • Avoid eventlet_backdoor listing on same port


  • Use template for lower-constraints

  • Deprecate the ThreadGroup.cancel() API

  • Document the threadgroup module

  • Actually test child SIGHUP signal

  • Restore correct signal handling in Python3

  • Add stop_on_exception to TG timers

  • Add better timer APIs to ThreadGroup

  • Update mailinglist from dev to discuss

  • Use SleepFixture in looping call test suite


  • Fixture to mock loopingcall wait()

  • Limit monotonic to py2


  • Fix stop of loopingcall

  • Use eventlet Event for loopingcall events

  • Clean up .gitignore references to personal tools

  • Always build universal wheels


  • Ensure connection is active in graceful shutdown tests

  • Stop asserting on Eventlet internals

  • Skips signal handling on Windows

  • add lib-forward-testing-python3 test job

  • add python 3.6 unit test job

  • import zuul job settings from project-config

  • Update reno for stable/rocky


  • Remove unnecessary pyNN testenv

  • Convert oslo.service to using stestr

  • Add release notes link to README

  • Fix oslo.service ProcessLauncher fails to call stop

  • fix tox python3 overrides

  • Add test dependency on requests

  • Remove moxstubout


  • [ThreadGroup] Don’t remove timer when stop timers

  • Make lower-constraints job voting

  • tox.ini: Use python3.5 in py35 environment

  • Python 3: Fix eventlet wakeup after signal

  • Python 3: Fix non-deterministic test

  • Remove stale pip-missing-reqs tox test

  • Trivial: Update pypi url to new url

  • add lower-constraints job

  • move doc8 test to pep8 job

  • set default python to python3


  • Revert “Revert “Permit aborting loopingcall while sleeping””


  • Remove eventlet cap

  • Fixup certificates and skip failing test


  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Update links in README

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update reno for stable/queens

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Maintain shared memory after fork in Python >=3.7

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Revert “Permit aborting loopingcall while sleeping”



  • Remove -U from pip install

  • Avoid for constraints support

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove setting of version/release from releasenotes

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • change periodic_task to catch all exceptions including BaseException

  • Fix bandit scan and make it voting

  • Imported Translations from Zanata


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update reno for stable/pike

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Update URLs in documents according to document migration


  • rearrange existing documentation to fit the new standard layout

  • switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Permit aborting loopingcall while sleeping

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Add min_interval to BackOffLoopingCall


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Remove log translations

  • Use Sphinx 1.5 warning-is-error

  • Fix some reST field lists in docstrings

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • [Fix gate]Update test requirement

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix race condition with fast threads

  • pbr.version.VersionInfo needs package name ( and not oslo_xyz)

  • Remove duplicated register_opts call

  • Update reno for stable/ocata

  • Remove references to Python 3.4


  • Add FixedIntervalWithTimeoutLoopingCall

  • Add Constraints support

  • Show team and repo badges on README


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Update .coveragerc after the removal of respective directory

  • Delete python bytecode file


  • Changed the home-page link

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Replace ‘MagicMock’ with ‘Mock’

  • Enable release notes translation

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Stay alive on double SIGHUP


  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix parameters of assertEqual are misplaced


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add reno for release notes management

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Imported Translations from Zanata

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Trivial: ignore openstack/common in flake8 exclude list


  • [Trivial] Remove executable privilege of doc/source/


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Offer mutate_config_files

  • Make _spawn_service more flexible

  • Remove direct dependency on babel

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix argument type for _sd_notify() on python3

  • Use a timeutils.StopWatch for cancel timing

  • Add ability to cancel Threads and ThreadGroups

  • Exception: message need ‘_’ function

  • Fix Heartbeats stop when time is changed

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Correct some help text

  • Fix typo in help text

  • wsgi: decrease the default number of greenthreads in pool

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Allow the backdoor to serve from a local unix domain socket

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Use requests in TestWSGIServerWithSSL instead of raw socket client


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix misspelling and rewrite sentence

  • Add a more useful/detailed frame dumping function

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update translation setup

  • Fix race condition on handling signals

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix artificial service.wait()


  • Graceful shutdown added to ServiceLauncher

  • Fix test execution on CentOS 7

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix some inconsistency in docstrings

  • Refactoring of tests/

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove argument ServiceLauncher.wait() method

  • fix a couple of assert issues

  • Run sslutils and wsgi tests for python3

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix a race condition in signal handlers

  • Enable py3 mock.patch of RuntimeError

  • Delete python bytecode before every test run

  • Trival: Remove ‘’


  • Avoid warning when time taken is close to zero

  • Update the file and fix the domain value

  • Add Bandit to tox for security static analysis

  • Code refactoring of ThreadGroup::stop_timers()


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add functionality for creating Unix domain WSGI servers

  • Use reflection.get_class_name() from oslo.utils

  • Remove Python 2.6 classifier

  • Remove openstack-common.conf

  • cleanup tox.ini

  • Change “started child” messages to DEBUG

  • Support for SSL protocol and cipher controls


  • Default value of graceful_shutdown_timeout is set to 60sec

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Logger name argument was added into wsgi.Server constructor

  • Avoid the dual-naming confusion

  • Forbid launching services with 0 or negative number of workers


  • Document graceful_shutdown_timeout config option

  • Remove py26 env from test list

  • Added config option graceful_shutdown_timeout

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add docstring for LoopingCallBase._start()

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add doc8 to py27 tox env and fix raised issues

  • Document termination of children on SIGHUP

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements


  • RetryDecorator should not log warnings/errors for expected exceptions

  • Termination children on SIGHUP added

  • Fix coverage configuration and execution

  • Add register_opts function to sslutils

  • Move the common thread manipulating routine to a shared routine

  • Update log string to correctly denote what it waits on

  • Avoid removing entries for timers that didn’t stop

  • Cleanup thread on thread done callback

  • Move ‘history’ -> release notes section

  • Add unit tests for sslutils

  • Expand README and clean up intro to sphinx docs

  • Add version/downloads links/badges into README.rst

  • add auto-generated docs for config options

  • Move backoff looping call from IPA to oslo.service

  • Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors

  • Fix the home-page value in setup.cfg

  • WSGI module was corrected

  • Updated from global requirements

  • ThreadGroup’s stop didn’t recognise the current thread correctly

  • doing monkey_patch for unittest


  • Handling corner cases in dynamic looping call

  • Change DEBUG log in loopingcall to TRACE level log

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Added wsgi functionality


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update “Signal handling” section of usage docs

  • Use oslo_utils reflection to get ‘f’ callable name

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Prefix the ‘safe_wrapper’ function to be ‘_safe_wrapper’

  • Setup translations

  • Check that sighup is supported before accessing signal.SIGHUP

  • Use contextlib.closing instead of try … finally: sock.close

  • Avoid using the global lockutils semaphore collection

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Added newline at end of file

  • Added class SignalHandler

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Activate pep8 check that _ is imported

  • Denote what happens when no exceptions are passed in

  • Allow LoopingCall to continue on exception in callee


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add oslo_debug_helper to tox.ini

  • Add usage documentation for oslo_service.service module


  • Updated from global requirements

  • save docstring, name etc using six.wraps

  • Move backdoor-related tests from test_service

  • Add mock to test_requirements

  • Remove usage of mox in test_eventlet_backdoor


  • Copy RetryDecorator from oslo.vmware

  • Increase test coverage of systemd

  • Ensure we set the event and wait on the timer in the test

  • Make it easier to use the eventlet backdoor locally

  • Track created thread and disallow more than one start being active


  • Documentation on the use of the oslo-config-generator

  • Add greenlet to requirements

  • Add tox target to find missing requirements

  • Enforce H405 check

  • Enforce H301 check

  • Return timer after adding it to internal list

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Have all the looping calls share a common run loop

  • Move service abstract base class check to launch_service methods

  • Fix a typo in a comment

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Use a signal name->sigval and sigval->signal name mapping


  • Test for instantaneous shutdown fixed

  • Graceful shutdown WSGI/RPC server

  • Use monotonic.monotonic and stopwatches instead of time.time

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Eventlet service fixed

  • Add documentation for the service module

  • Improve test coverage for loopingcall module

  • Add oslo.service documentation

  • Remove usage of global CONF

  • Make logging option values configurable

  • Introduce abstract base class for services

  • Add entrypoints for option discovery

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Move the option definitions into a private file

  • Fix unit tests

  • Fix pep8

  • exported from oslo-incubator by

  • Clean up logging to conform to guidelines

  • Port service to Python 3

  • Test for shutting down eventlet server on signal

  • service child process normal SIGTERM exit

  • Revert “Revert “Revert “Optimization of waiting subprocesses in ProcessLauncher”””

  • Revert “Revert “Optimization of waiting subprocesses in ProcessLauncher””

  • Revert “Optimization of waiting subprocesses in ProcessLauncher”

  • ProcessLauncher: reload config file in parent process on SIGHUP

  • Add check to test__signal_handlers_set

  • Store ProcessLauncher signal handlers on class level

  • Remove unused validate_ssl_version

  • Update tests for optional sslv3

  • Fixed ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv3 not supported by Python 2.7.9

  • Optimization of waiting subprocesses in ProcessLauncher

  • Switch from oslo.config to oslo_config

  • Change oslo.config to oslo_config

  • Remove oslo.log code and clean up versionutils API

  • Replace mox by mox3

  • Allow overriding name for periodic tasks

  • Separate add_periodic_task from the metaclass __init__

  • Upgrade to hacking 0.10

  • Remove unnecessary import of eventlet

  • Added graceful argument on Service.stop method

  • Remove extra white space in log message

  • Prefer delayed %r formatting over explicit repr use

  • ServiceRestartTest: make it more resilient

  • threadgroup: don’t log GreenletExit

  • add list_opts to all modules with configuration options

  • Remove code that moved to oslo.i18n

  • Remove graduated test and fixtures libraries

  • rpc, notifier: remove deprecated modules

  • Let oslotest manage the six.move setting for mox

  • Remove usage of readlines()

  • Allow test_service to run in isolation

  • Changes calcuation of variable delay

  • Use timestamp in loopingcall

  • Remove unnecessary setUp function

  • Log the function name of looping call

  • pep8: fixed multiple violations

  • Make periodic tasks run on regular spacing interval

  • Use moxstubout and mockpatch from oslotest

  • Implement stop method in ProcessLauncher

  • Fix parenthesis typo misunderstanding in periodic_task

  • Fix docstring indentation in systemd

  • Remove redundant default=None for config options

  • Make unspecified periodic spaced tasks run on default interval

  • Make stop_timers() method public

  • Remove deprecated LoopingCall

  • Fixed several typos

  • Add graceful stop function to ThreadGroup.stop

  • Use oslotest instead of common test module

  • Remove duplicated “caught” message

  • Move notification point to a better place

  • Remove rendundant parentheses of cfg help strings

  • Adds test condition in test_periodic

  • Fixed spelling error - occured to occurred

  • Add missing _LI for in service module

  • notify calling process we are ready to serve

  • Reap child processes gracefully if greenlet thread gets killed

  • Improve help strings for sslutils module

  • Remove unnecessary usage of noqa

  • Removes use of timeutils.set_time_override

  • Update oslo log messages with translation domains

  • Refactor unnecessary arithmetic ops in periodic_task

  • Refactor if logic in periodic_task

  • Use timestamp in periodic tasks

  • Add basic Python 3 tests

  • Clear time override in test_periodic

  • Don’t share periodic_task instance data in a class attr

  • Revert “service: replace eventlet event by threading”

  • Simplify launch method

  • Simple typo correction

  • Cleanup unused log related code

  • Utilizes assertIsNone and assertIsNotNone

  • Fix filter() usage due to python 3 compability

  • Use hacking import_exceptions for gettextutils._

  • threadgroup: use threading rather than greenthread

  • disable SIGHUP restart behavior in foreground

  • service: replace eventlet event by threading

  • Allow configurable ProcessLauncher liveness check

  • Make wait & stop methods work on all threads

  • Typos fix in db and periodic_task module

  • Remove vim header

  • os._exit in _start_child may cause unexpected exception

  • Adjust import order according to PEP8 imports rule

  • Add a link method to Thread

  • Use multiprocessing.Event to ensure services have started

  • Apply six for metaclass

  • Removed calls to locals()

  • Move comment in to correct location

  • Fixes issue with SUGHUP in services on Windows

  • Replace using tests.utils part2

  • Bump hacking to 0.7.0

  • Replace using tests.utils with openstack.common.test

  • Refactors boolean returns

  • Add service restart function in oslo-incubator

  • Fix stylistic problems with help text

  • Enable H302 hacking check

  • Convert kombu SSL version string into integer

  • Allow launchers to be stopped multiple times

  • Ignore any exceptions from rpc.cleanup()

  • Add graceful service shutdown support to Launcher

  • Improve usability when backdoor_port is nonzero

  • Enable hacking H404 test

  • Enable hacking H402 test

  • Enable hacking H401 test

  • Fixes import order nits

  • Add DynamicLoopCall timers to ThreadGroups

  • Pass backdoor_port to services being launched

  • Improve python3 compatibility

  • Use print_function __future__ import

  • Improve Python 3.x compatibility

  • Import nova’s looping call

  • Copy recent changes in periodic tasks from nova

  • Fix IBM copyright strings

  • Removes unused imports in the tests module

  • update OpenStack, LLC to OpenStack Foundation

  • Add function for listing native threads to eventlet backdoor

  • Use oslo-config-2013.1b3

  • Support for SSL in wsgi.Service

  • Replace direct use of testtools BaseTestCase

  • Use testtools as test base class

  • ThreadGroup remove unused name parameters

  • Implement importutils.try_import

  • Fix test cases in tests.unit.test_service

  • Don’t rely on os.wait() blocking

  • Use Service thread group for WSGI request handling

  • Make project pyflakes clean

  • Replace try: import with extras.try_import

  • raise_on_error parameter shouldn’t be passed to task function

  • Account for tasks duration in LoopingCall delay

  • updating sphinx documentation

  • Enable eventlet_backdoor to return port

  • Use the ThreadGroup for the Launcher

  • Change RPC cleanup ordering

  • threadgroup : greethread.cancel() should be kill()

  • Use spawn_n when not capturing return value

  • Make ThreadGroup derived from object to make mocking possible

  • Don’t log exceptions for GreenletExit and thread_done

  • Log CONF from ProcessLauncher.wait, like ServiceLauncher

  • Import order clean-up

  • Added a missing `cfg` import in

  • Log config on startup

  • Integrate eventlet backdoor

  • Add the rpc service and delete manager

  • Use pep8 v1.3.3

  • Add threadgroup to manage timers and greenthreads

  • Add basic periodic task infrastructure

  • Add multiprocess service launcher

  • Add signal handling to service launcher

  • Basic service launching infrastructure

  • Move and into common

  • Copy eventlet_backdoor into common from nova

  • Copy LoopingCall from nova for

  • initial commit

  • Initial skeleton project