Installing the API behind mod_wsgi

Panko comes with a few example files for configuring the API service to run behind Apache with mod_wsgi.


The file panko/api/app.wsgi sets up the V2 API WSGI application. The file is installed with the rest of the panko application code, and should not need to be modified.


The etc/apache2/panko file contains example settings that work with a copy of panko installed via devstack.

  1. On deb-based systems copy or symlink the file to /etc/apache2/sites-available. For rpm-based systems the file will go in /etc/httpd/conf.d.

  2. Modify the WSGIDaemonProcess directive to set the user and group values to an appropriate user on your server. In many installations panko will be correct.

  3. Enable the panko site. On deb-based systems:

    $ a2ensite panko
    $ service apache2 reload

    On rpm-based systems:

    $ service httpd reload