The Module

The Module

Base classes for storage engines

service None

Bases: object

Base class for event storage system connections.

static Connection.clear()

Clear database.

static Connection.clear_expired_data(ttl)

Clear expired data from the backend storage system.

Clearing occurs according to the time-to-live. :param ttl: Number of seconds to keep records for.

classmethod Connection.get_capabilities()

Return an dictionary with the capabilities of each driver.

static Connection.get_event_types()

Return all event types as an iterable of strings.

static Connection.get_events(event_filter, pagination=None)

Return an iterable of model.Event objects.

classmethod Connection.get_storage_capabilities()

Return a dictionary representing the performance capabilities.

This is needed to evaluate the performance of each driver.

static Connection.get_trait_types(event_type)

Return a dictionary containing the name and data type of the trait.

Only trait types for the provided event_type are returned. :param event_type: the type of the Event

static Connection.get_traits(event_type, trait_type=None)

Return all trait instances associated with an event_type.

If trait_type is specified, only return instances of that trait type. :param event_type: the type of the Event to filter by :param trait_type: the name of the Trait to filter by

static Connection.record_events(events)

Write the events to the backend storage system.


events – a list of model.Event objects.

static Connection.upgrade()

Migrate the database to version or the most recent version.

service None

Bases: object

Base class for storage API models.

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