Patrole Installation Guide

Manual Installation Information

At the command line:

$ git clone
$ sudo pip install ./patrole

Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed:

$ mkvirtualenv patrole_env
$ workon patrole_env
$ pip install ./patrole

Or to install from the source:

$ navigate to patrole directory
$ sudo pip install -e .

DevStack Installation

Enabling in Devstack


The script must be run in a disposable VM that is not being created automatically. See the README file in the DevStack repository for more information.

  1. Download DevStack:

    git clone
    cd devstack
  2. Patrole can be installed like any other DevStack plugin by including the enable_plugin directive inside local.conf:

    > cat local.conf
    enable_plugin patrole
  3. Run found in the DevStack repo.