Policy Defaults Improvement


This spec is to improve the placement APIs policy as the directions decided in RBAC community-wide goal

Problem description

While discussing the new RBAC (scope_type and project admin vs system admin things) with operators in berlin ops meetup and via emails, and policy popup meetings, we got the feedback that we need to keep the legacy admin behaviour same as it is otherwise it is going to be a big breaking change for many of the operators. Same feedback for scope_type.

By considering the feedback, we decided to make all the policy to be project scoped, release project reader role, and not to change the legacy admin behaviour.

Use Cases

Ideally most operators should be able to run without modifying policy, as such we need to have defaults closure to the usage.

Proposed change

The RBAC community-wide goal defines all the direction and implementation usage of policy. This proposal is to implement the phase 1 and phase 2 of the RBAC community-wide goal


Keep the policy defaults same as it is and expect operators to override them to behave as per their usage.

Data model impact


REST API impact

The placement APIs policy will modified to add reader roles, scoped to projects, and keep legacy behaviour same as it is. Most of the policies will be default to ‘admin-or-service’ role but we will review every policy rule default while doing the code change.

Security impact

Easier to understand policy defaults will help keep the system secure.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact

New APIs must add policies that follow the new pattern.

Upgrade impact

The scope_type of all the policy rules will be project if any deployement is running with enforce_scope enabled and with system scope token then they need to use the project scope token.

Also, if any API policy defaults have been modified to service role only (most of the policies will be default to admin-or-service) then the deployment using such APIs need to override them in policy.yaml to continue working for them.



Primary assignee:


Feature Liaison

Feature liaison:


Work Items

  • Scope all policy to project

  • Add project reader role in policy

  • Modify policy rule unit tests




Modify or add the policy unit tests.

Documentation Impact

API Reference should be kept consistent with any policy changes, in particular around the default reader role.




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