Upgrade Notes

This section provide notes on upgrading to a given target release.


As a reminder, the placement-status upgrade check tool can be used to help determine the status of your deployment and how ready it is to perform an upgrade.

For releases prior to Stein, please see the nova upgrade notes.

Train (2.0.0)

The Train release of placement is the first release where placement is available solely from its own project and must be installed separately from nova. If the extracted placement is not already in use, prior to upgrading to Train, the Stein version of placement must be installed. See the next section and Upgrading from Nova to Placement for details.

There are no database schema changes in the Train release, but there are checks to confirm that online migrations from Stein have been run. Running placement-status after upgrading code but prior to restarting the placement service will notify you of any missing steps and the process to fix it. Once this is done, placement-manage should be run to sync the database:

$ placement-status upgrade check
| Upgrade Check Results            |
| Check: Missing Root Provider IDs |
| Result: Success                  |
| Details: None                    |
| Check: Incomplete Consumers      |
| Result: Success                  |
| Details: None                    |
$ placement-manage db sync

Then the placement service may be restarted.

Stein (1.0.0)

If you are upgrading an existing OpenStack installation from Rocky to Stein, and wish to use the newly extracted placement, you will need to copy some data and configuration settings from nova.

  • Configuration and policy files are, by default, located in /etc/placement.

  • The placement server side settings in nova.conf should be moved to a separate placement configuration file placement.conf.

  • The default configuration value of [placement]/policy_file is changed from placement-policy.yaml to policy.yaml

  • Several tables in the nova_api database need to be migrated to a new placement database.

Following these steps will ensure that future changes to placement configuration and code will not conflict with your setup.

As stated above, using the extracted placement code is not required in Stein, there is a copy in the Stein release of Nova. However that code will be deleted in the Train cycle so you must upgrade to external Placement prior to upgrading to Train.