Install OpenStack from a bundle

A Juju charm bundle is an encapsulation of a multitude of charm deployments, and includes all the associated relations and configurations that are required (see Charm bundles in the Juju documentation). It is possible to therefore install OpenStack from a bundle.


The Install OpenStack page shows how to install by deploying, configuring, and relating applications on an individual basis using Juju. It is the recommended install method for getting a high level view of how OpenStack is put together. It also provides an opportunity to gain experience with Juju, which will in turn prepare you for post-deployment management of the cloud.

The bundle featured here provides a minimal OpenStack cloud and assumes that MAAS is used as a backing cloud to Juju. Due to unknown factors in the local environment (usually hardware-related) the bundle will most likely need to be modified prior to deployment. The bundle and its deployment are described in great detail in its Charm Store entry here: openstack-base.

Once the bundle configuration has been confirmed OpenStack can be deployed:

juju deploy /path/to/bundle/file

The time required for the install to complete will depend on the hardware capabilities of the underlying MAAS nodes. Once finished, you should go on to Configure OpenStack if not already done.

Finally, once cloud functionality has been verified see the OpenStack Administrator Guides for long-term guidance.