Finalize installation for Ubuntu and Debian

Finalize installation for Ubuntu and Debian


Default configuration files vary by distribution. You might need to add these sections and options rather than modifying existing sections and options. Also, an ellipsis (...) in the configuration snippets indicates potential default configuration options that you should retain.

This section applies to Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) and Debian.

  1. Obtain the /etc/swift/swift.conf file from the Object Storage source repository:

    # curl -o /etc/swift/swift.conf \
  2. Edit the /etc/swift/swift.conf file and complete the following actions:

    • In the [swift-hash] section, configure the hash path prefix and suffix for your environment.

      swift_hash_path_suffix = HASH_PATH_SUFFIX
      swift_hash_path_prefix = HASH_PATH_PREFIX

      Replace HASH_PATH_PREFIX and HASH_PATH_SUFFIX with unique values.


      Keep these values secret and do not change or lose them.

    • In the [storage-policy:0] section, configure the default storage policy:

      name = Policy-0
      default = yes
  3. Copy the swift.conf file to the /etc/swift directory on each storage node and any additional nodes running the proxy service.

  1. On all nodes, ensure proper ownership of the configuration directory:

    # chown -R root:swift /etc/swift
  2. On the controller node and any other nodes running the proxy service, restart the Object Storage proxy service including its dependencies:

    # service memcached restart
    # service swift-proxy restart
  3. On the storage nodes, start the Object Storage services:

    # swift-init all start


    The storage node runs many Object Storage services and the swift-init command makes them easier to manage. You can ignore errors from services not running on the storage node.

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