Enable Compute service meters for Ubuntu

Enable Compute service meters for Ubuntu

Telemetry uses a combination of notifications and an agent to collect Compute meters. Perform these steps on each compute node.

Install and configure components

  1. Install the packages:

    # apt-get install ceilometer-agent-compute
  1. Edit the /etc/ceilometer/ceilometer.conf file and complete the following actions:

    • In the [DEFAULT] section, configure RabbitMQ message queue access:

      transport_url = rabbit://openstack:RABBIT_PASS@controller

      Replace RABBIT_PASS with the password you chose for the openstack account in RabbitMQ.

    • In the [service_credentials] section, configure service credentials:

      auth_url = http://controller:5000
      project_domain_id = default
      user_domain_id = default
      auth_type = password
      username = ceilometer
      project_name = service
      password = CEILOMETER_PASS
      interface = internalURL
      region_name = RegionOne

      Replace CEILOMETER_PASS with the password you chose for the ceilometer user in the Identity service.

Configure Compute to use Telemetry

  • Edit the /etc/nova/nova.conf file and configure notifications in the [DEFAULT] section:

    instance_usage_audit = True
    instance_usage_audit_period = hour
    notify_on_state_change = vm_and_task_state
    driver = messagingv2

Finalize installation

  1. Restart the agent:

    # service ceilometer-agent-compute restart
  2. Restart the Compute service:

    # service nova-compute restart
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