NoSQL database for Ubuntu

NoSQL database for Ubuntu

The Telemetry service uses a NoSQL database to store information. The database typically runs on the controller node. The procedures in this guide use MongoDB.

Install and configure components

  1. Install the MongoDB packages:

    # apt-get install mongodb-server mongodb-clients python-pymongo
  2. Edit the /etc/mongodb.conf file and complete the following actions:

    • Configure the bind_ip key to use the management interface IP address of the controller node.

      bind_ip =
    • By default, MongoDB creates several 1 GB journal files in the /var/lib/mongodb/journal directory. If you want to reduce the size of each journal file to 128 MB and limit total journal space consumption to 512 MB, assert the smallfiles key:

      smallfiles = true

      You can also disable journaling. For more information, see the MongoDB manual.

Finalize installation

  • If you change the journaling configuration, stop the MongoDB service, remove the initial journal files, and start the service:

    # service mongodb stop
    # rm /var/lib/mongodb/journal/prealloc.*
    # service mongodb start
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