PyCADF developer documentation

The CADF (Cloud Audit Data Federation Working Group) is working to develop open standards for audit data which can be federated from cloud providers, with the intent to elevate customer’s trust in cloud hosted applications.

Specifications and profiles produced by the CADF will help protect the investments of companies seeking to move their applications to cloud deployment models and preserve their ability to audit operational processes, regardless of their chosen cloud provider. The CADF develops specifications for audit event data and interface models and a compatible interaction model that will describe interactions between IT resources for cloud deployment models.

pyCADF is the python implementation of the CADF specification. This documentation offers information on how CADF works and how to contribute to the project.

Getting Started


pyCADF utilizes all of the usual OpenStack processes and requirements for contributions. The code is hosted on OpenStack’s Git server. Bug reports and blueprints may be submitted to the pycadf project on Launchpad. Code may be submitted to the openstack/pycadf project using Gerrit.

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