Functional Tests

Cinderclient contains a suite of functional tests, in the cinderclient/ tests/functional directory.

These are currently non-voting, meaning that zuul will not reject a patched based on failure of the functional tests. It is highly recommended, however, that these tests are investigated in the case of a failure.

Running the tests

Run the tests using tox, via the tox.ini file. To run all tests simply run:

tox -e functional

This will create a virtual environment, load all the packages from test-requirements.txt and run all unit tests as well as run flake8 and hacking checks against the code.

Note that you can inspect the tox.ini file to get more details on the available options and what the test run does by default.

Running a subset of tests using tox

One common activity is to just run a single test, you can do this with tox simply by specifying to just run py27 or py34 tests against a single test:

tox -e functional -- -n cinderclient.tests.functional.test_readonly_cli.CinderClientReadOnlyTests.test_list

Or all tests in the file:

tox -e functional -- -n cinderclient.tests.functional.test_readonly_cli

For more information on these options and how to run tests, please see the stestr documentation.


The cinderclient.tests.functional.test_cli.CinderBackupTests.test_backup_create and_delete test will fail in Devstack without c-bak service running, which requires Swift. Make sure Swift is enabled when you by putting this in local.conf:

enable_service s-proxy s-object s-container s-account