The Module

The Module



CONSOLE_MESSAGE_FORMAT = '%(levelname)s: %(message)s'
build_option_parser(description, version)[source]

Return an argparse option parser for this application.

Subclasses may override this method to extend the parser with more global options.

  • description (str) – full description of the application
  • version (str) – version number for the application
  • argparse_kwargs – extra keyword argument passed to the ArgumentParser constructor

Configure logging for the app

Cliff sets some defaults we don’t want so re-work it a bit


Hook for subclasses to take global initialization action after the arguments are parsed but before a command is run. Invoked only once, even in interactive mode.

Parameters:argv – List of arguments, including the subcommand to run. Empty for interactive mode.

Equivalent to the main program for the application.

Parameters:argv (list of str) – input arguments and options*vars, **kwargs)[source]

Search for the first defined of possibly many env vars

Returns the first environment variable defined in vars, or returns the default defined in kwargs.

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