The glanceclient.v1.images Module

The glanceclient.v1.images Module

class glanceclient.v1.images.Image(manager, info, loaded=False)

Bases: glanceclient.v1.apiclient.base.Resource

class glanceclient.v1.images.ImageManager(client)

Bases: glanceclient.v1.apiclient.base.ManagerWithFind


Create an image.

TODO(bcwaldon): document accepted params

data(image, do_checksum=True, **kwargs)

Get the raw data for a specific image.

  • image – image object or id to look up
  • do_checksum – Enable/disable checksum validation
Return type:

iterable containing image data

delete(image, **kwargs)

Delete an image.

get(image, **kwargs)

Get the metadata for a specific image.

Parameters:image – image object or id to look up
Return type:Image

Get a list of images.

  • page_size – number of items to request in each paginated request
  • limit – maximum number of images to return
  • marker – begin returning images that appear later in the image list than that represented by this image id
  • filters – dict of direct comparison filters that mimics the structure of an image object
  • owner – If provided, only images with this owner (tenant id) will be listed. An empty string (‘’) matches ownerless images.
  • return_req_id – If an empty list is provided, populate this list with the request ID value from the header x-openstack-request-id
Return type:

list of Image


alias of Image

update(image, **kwargs)

Update an image.

TODO(bcwaldon): document accepted params

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