ironic_inspector_client.resource module

ironic_inspector_client.resource module

class ironic_inspector_client.resource.InterfaceResource(field_ids=None, detailed=False)[source]

Bases: object

InterfaceResource class

This class is used to manage the fields including Link Layer Discovery Protocols (LLDP) fields, that an interface contains. An individual field consists of a ‘field_id’ (key) and a ‘label’ (value).

DEFAULT_FIELD_IDS = ['interface', 'mac', 'switch_port_vlan_ids', 'switch_chassis_id', 'switch_port_id']

Interface fields displayed by default.

FIELDS = {'interface': 'Interface', 'mac': 'MAC Address', 'node_ident': 'Node', 'switch_capabilities_enabled': 'Switch Capabilities Enabled', 'switch_capabilities_support': 'Switch Capabilities Supported', 'switch_chassis_id': 'Switch Chassis ID', 'switch_port_autonegotiation_enabled': 'Switch Port Autonegotiation Enabled', 'switch_port_autonegotiation_support': 'Switch Port Autonegotiation Supported', 'switch_port_description': 'Switch Port Description', 'switch_port_id': 'Switch Port ID', 'switch_port_link_aggregation_enabled': 'Switch Port Link Aggregation Enabled', 'switch_port_link_aggregation_id': 'Switch Port Link Aggregation ID', 'switch_port_link_aggregation_support': 'Switch Port Link Aggregation Supported', 'switch_port_management_vlan_id': 'Switch Port Mgmt VLAN ID', 'switch_port_mau_type': 'Switch Port Mau Type', 'switch_port_mtu': 'Switch Port MTU', 'switch_port_physical_capabilities': 'Switch Port Physical Capabilities', 'switch_port_protocol_vlan_enabled': 'Switch Port Protocol VLAN Enabled', 'switch_port_protocol_vlan_ids': 'Switch Port Protocol VLAN IDs', 'switch_port_protocol_vlan_support': 'Switch Port Protocol VLAN Supported', 'switch_port_untagged_vlan_id': 'Switch Port Untagged VLAN', 'switch_port_vlan_ids': 'Switch Port VLAN IDs', 'switch_port_vlans': 'Switch Port VLANs', 'switch_protocol_identities': 'Switch Protocol Identities', 'switch_system_name': 'Switch System Name'}

A mapping of all known interface fields to their descriptions.


List of fields displayed for this resource.


List of labels for fields displayed for this resource.

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