ironicclient.client module

ironicclient.client.Client(version, endpoint_override=None, session=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Create a client of an appropriate version.

This call requires a session. If you want it to be created, use get_client instead.

  • endpoint_override – A bare metal endpoint to use.

  • session – A keystoneauth session to use. This argument is actually required and is marked optional only for backward compatibility.

  • args – Other arguments to pass to the HTTP client. Not recommended, use kwargs instead.

  • kwargs – Other keyword arguments to pass to the HTTP client (e.g. insecure).

ironicclient.client.get_client(api_version, auth_type=None, os_ironic_api_version=None, max_retries=None, retry_interval=None, session=None, valid_interfaces=None, interface=None, service_type=None, region_name=None, additional_headers=None, global_request_id=None, **kwargs)[source]

Get an authenticated client, based on the credentials.

  • api_version – the API version to use. Valid value: ‘1’.

  • auth_type – type of keystoneauth auth plugin loader to use.

  • os_ironic_api_version – ironic API version to use.

  • max_retries – Maximum number of retries in case of conflict error

  • retry_interval – Amount of time (in seconds) between retries in case of conflict error.

  • session – An existing keystoneauth session. Will be created from kwargs if not provided.

  • valid_interfaces – List of valid endpoint interfaces to use if the bare metal endpoint is not provided.

  • interface – An alias for valid_interfaces.

  • service_type – Bare metal endpoint service type.

  • region_name – Name of the region to use when searching the bare metal endpoint.

  • additional_headers – Additional headers that should be attached to every request passing through the client. Headers of the same name specified per request will take priority.

  • global_request_id – A header (in the form of req-$uuid) that will be passed on all requests. Enables cross project request id tracking.

  • kwargs – all the other params that are passed to keystoneauth for session construction.