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Karbor Mission Statement

  • Formalize Application Data Protection in OpenStack (APIs, Services, Plugins, …)
  • Be able to protect Any Resource in OpenStack(as well as their dependencies)
  • Allow Diversity of vendor solutions, capabilities and implementations without compromising usability
  • PyPi - package installation
  • Launchpad project - release management
  • Blueprints - feature specifications
  • Bugs - issue tracking
  • Source
  • Specs
  • How to Contribute

Python Karborclient

python-karborclient is a client library for karbor built on the karbor API. It provides a Python API (the karborclient module) and a command-line tool (karbor).

Project Resources

Project status, bugs, and blueprints are tracked on Launchpad:

Developer documentation can be found here:

Additional resources are linked from the project wiki page:


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