Using Mistral with OpenStack

The mistral shell utility interacts with OpenStack Mistral API from the command-line. It supports the features in the OpenStack Mistral API.

Basic Usage

In order to use the CLI, you must provide your OpenStack credentials (for both user and project), and auth endpoint. Use the corresponding configuration options (--os-username, --os-password, --os-project-name, --os-user-domain-id, os-project-domain-id, and --os-auth-url), but it is easier to set them in environment variables.

$ export OS_AUTH_URL=http://<Keystone_host>:5000/v2.0
$ export OS_USERNAME=admin
$ export OS_TENANT_NAME=tenant
$ export OS_PASSWORD=secret
$ export OS_MISTRAL_URL=http://<Mistral host>:8989/v2

When authenticating against keystone over https:

$ export OS_CACERT=<path_to_ca_cert>

Once you’ve configured your authentication parameters, you can run mistral commands. All commands take the form of:

mistral <command> [arguments...]

Run mistral –help to get a full list of all possible commands, and run mistral help <command> to get detailed help for that command.