Client command extension support

The client command extension adds support for extending the neutron client while considering ease of creation. Extensions strongly conform to preexisting neutron commands (/neutron/v2_0/).

A sample extension can be seen at: neutronclient/neutron/v2_0/contrib/

Minimum requirements from an extension

  • NeutronClientExtension subclasses must have a shell_command class variable if the command is to be available to the CLI (

    Example: neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.contrib._fox_sockets.FoxInSocketsList

Minimum requirements to use canonical neutron CRUD commands framework

Neutron commands are cliff commands, commands in extension can use their own way to finish their tasks. But if they want to make use of the canonical neutron CRUD commands framework, the extension should:

  • have a class that subclasses NeutronClientExtension to provide the requisite resource name, version support, and resource collection and object paths for a resource the commands will process.

    Example: neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.contrib._fox_sockets.FoxInSocket

  • have a class that subclasses from the ClientExtensionList to provide resource object list function. This is because most commands need the list function to get object ID via neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.__init__.find_resource_by_id.

    Example: neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.contrib._fox_sockets.FoxInSocketsList

  • if needed, subclass ClientExtensionUpdate to implement update of the resource object.

    Example: neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.contrib._fox_sockets.FoxInSocketsUpdate

  • if needed, subclass ClientExtensionDelete to implement deletion of the resource object.

    Example: neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.contrib._fox_sockets.FoxInSocketsDelete

  • if needed, subclass ClientExtensionShow to get the detail of the resource object.

    Example: neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.contrib._fox_sockets.FoxInSocketsShow

Precedence of command loading

  • hard coded commands are loaded first

  • external commands (installed in the environment) are loaded then

Commands that have the same name will be overwritten by commands that are loaded later. To change the execution of a command for your particular extension you only need to override the execute method.

Currently this extension support is limited to top-level resources. Parent/child relationships may be added if desired.

neutronclient.extension entry_point

To activate the commands in a specific extension module, add an entry in setup.cfg under neutronclient.extension. For example:

neutronclient.extension =
    fox_sockets = neutronclient.neutron.v2_0.contrib._fox_sockets