novaclient.client module

OpenStack Client interface. Handles the REST calls and responses.

novaclient.client.Client(version, username=None, password=None, project_id=None, auth_url=None, **kwargs)

Initialize client object based on given version.

HOW-TO: The simplest way to create a client instance is initialization with your credentials:

>>> from novaclient import client
>>> nova = client.Client(VERSION, USERNAME, PASSWORD,
...                      PROJECT_ID, AUTH_URL)

Here VERSION can be a string or novaclient.api_versions.APIVersion obj. If you prefer string value, you can use 1.1 (deprecated now), 2 or 2.X (where X is a microversion).

Alternatively, you can create a client instance using the keystoneauth session API. See “The novaclient Python API” page at python-novaclient’s doc.

class novaclient.client.SessionClient(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: LegacyJsonAdapter

client_name = 'python-novaclient'
client_version = '18.7.0'
request(url, method, **kwargs)
novaclient.client.discover_extensions(*args, **kwargs)

Returns the list of extensions, which can be discovered by python path and by entry-point ‘novaclient.extension’.