OpenStackClient (aka OSC) is a command-line client for OpenStack that brings the command set for Compute, Identity, Image, Object Storage and Block Storage APIs together in a single shell with a uniform command structure.

Using OpenStackClient

Getting Started

Release Notes

Contributor Documentation

Project Goals

  • Use the OpenStack Python API libraries, extending or replacing them as required

  • Use a consistent naming and structure for commands and arguments

  • Provide consistent output formats with optional machine parseable formats

  • Use a single-binary approach that also contains an embedded shell that can execute multiple commands on a single authentication (see libvirt’s virsh for an example)

  • Independence from the OpenStack project names; only API names are referenced (to the extent possible)


OpenStackClient utilizes all of the usual OpenStack processes and requirements for contributions. The code is hosted on OpenStack’s Git server. Bug reports may be submitted to the python-openstackclient Launchpad project. Code may be submitted to the openstack/python-openstackclient project using Gerrit. Developers may also be found in the IRC channel #openstack-sdks.

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