volume message

Block Storage v3

volume message delete

Delete a volume failure message

openstack volume message delete <message-id> [<message-id> ...]

Message(s) to delete (ID)

volume message list

List volume failure messages

openstack volume message list
    [--sort-column SORT_COLUMN]
    [--sort-ascending | --sort-descending]
    [--project <project>]
    [--project-domain <project-domain>]
    [--limit <limit>]
    [--marker <marker>]
--sort-column SORT_COLUMN

specify the column(s) to sort the data (columns specified first have a priority, non-existing columns are ignored), can be repeated


sort the column(s) in ascending order


sort the column(s) in descending order

--project <project>

Filter results by project (name or ID) (admin only)

--project-domain <project-domain>

Domain the project belongs to (name or ID). This can be used in case collisions between project names exist.

--limit <limit>

The maximum number of entries to return. If the value exceeds the server-defined maximum, then the maximum value will be used.

--marker <marker>

The first position in the collection to return results from. This should be a value that was returned in a previous request.

volume message show

Show a volume failure message

openstack volume message show <message-id>

Message to show (ID).