volume service

Block Storage v1, v2, v3

volume service list

List service command

openstack volume service list
    [--sort-column SORT_COLUMN]
    [--sort-ascending | --sort-descending]
    [--host <host>]
    [--service <service>]
--sort-column SORT_COLUMN

specify the column(s) to sort the data (columns specified first have a priority, non-existing columns are ignored), can be repeated


sort the column(s) in ascending order


sort the column(s) in descending order

--host <host>

List services on specified host (name only)

--service <service>

List only specified service (name only)


List additional fields in output

volume service set

Set volume service properties

openstack volume service set
    [--enable | --disable]
    [--disable-reason <reason>]

Enable volume service


Disable volume service

--disable-reason <reason>

Reason for disabling the service (should be used with –disable option)


Name of host


Name of service (Binary name)