This is a specification for the example command object. It is not intended to be a complete template for new commands since other actions, options and/or arguments may be used. You can include general specification information before the commands below. This information could include links to related material or descriptions of similar commands.

[example API name] [example API version]

example create

Create new example

openstack example create

New example name

example delete

Delete example(s)

openstack example delete
    <example> [<example> ...]

Example(s) to delete (name or ID)

example list

List examples

openstack example list

example set

Set example properties

openstack example set
    [--name <new-name>]
--name <new-name>

New example name


Example to modify (name or ID)

example show

Display example details

openstack example show

Example to display (name or ID)