The badly named keypair is really the public key of an OpenSSH key pair to be used for access to created servers. You can also create a private key for access to a created server by not passing any argument to the keypair create command.

Compute v2

keypair create

Create new public or private key for server ssh access

openstack keypair create
    [--public-key <file> | --private-key <file>]
--public-key <file>

Filename for public key to add. If not used, creates a private key.

--private-key <file>

Filename for private key to save. If not used, print private key in console.


New public or private key name

keypair delete

Delete public or private key(s)

openstack keypair delete
    <key> [<key> ...]

Name of key(s) to delete (name only)

keypair list

List key fingerprints

openstack keypair list

keypair show

Display key details

openstack keypair show

Show only bare public key paired with the generated key


Public or private key to display (name only)

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