network meter rule

network meter rule

A meter rule sets the rule for a meter to measure traffic for a specific IP range. The following uses meter and requires the L3 metering extension.

Network v2

network meter rule create

Create meter rule

openstack network meter rule create
    --remote-ip-prefix <remote-ip-prefix>
    [--ingress | --egress]
    [--exclude | --include]
    [--project <project> [--project-domain <project-domain>]]
--project <project>

Owner’s project (name or ID)

--project-domain <project-domain>

Domain the project belongs to (name of ID). This can be used in case collisions between project names exist.


Rule is applied to incoming traffic (default)


Rule is applied to outgoing traffic


Exclude remote_ip_prefix from count of the traffic of IP addresses


Include remote_ip_prefix into count of the traffic of IP addresses (default)

--remote-ip-prefix <remote-ip-prefix>

The remote IP prefix to associate with this metering rule packet


Meter to associate with this meter rule (name or ID)

network meter rule delete

Delete meter rule(s)

openstack network meter rule delete <id> [<id> ...]

ID of meter rule(s) to delete

network meter rule list

List meter rules

openstack network meter rule list

network meter rule show

Show meter rule

openstack network meter rule show <meter-rule-id>

Meter rule to display (ID only)

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