compute service

Compute v2

compute service delete

Delete compute service(s)

openstack compute service delete
    <service> [<service> ...]

Compute service(s) to delete (ID only). If using --os-compute-api-version 2.53 or greater, the ID is a UUID which can be retrieved by listing compute services using the same 2.53+ microversion.

compute service list

List compute services

Using --os-compute-api-version 2.53 or greater will return the ID as a UUID value which can be used to uniquely identify the service in a multi-cell deployment.

openstack compute service list
    [--host <host>]
    [--service <service>]
--host <host>

List services on specified host (name only)

--service <service>

List only specified service binaries (name only). For example, nova-compute, nova-conductor, etc.


List additional fields in output

compute service set

Set compute service properties

openstack compute service set
    [--enable | --disable]
    [--disable-reason <reason>]
    [--up | --down]
    <host> <service>

Enable service


Disable service

--disable-reason <reason>

Reason for disabling the service (in quotes). Should be used with --disable option.


Force up service. Requires --os-compute-api-version 2.11 or greater.


Force down service. . Requires --os-compute-api-version 2.11 or greater.


Name of host


Name of service (Binary name), for example nova-compute