access rule

Identity v3

Access rules are fine-grained permissions for application credentials. An access rule comprises of a service type, a request path, and a request method. Access rules may only be created as attributes of application credentials, but they may be viewed and deleted independently.

access rule delete

Delete access rule(s)

openstack access rule delete <access-rule> [<access-rule> ...]

Access rule(s) to delete (ID)

access rule list

List access rules

openstack access rule list
    [--user <user>]
    [--user-domain <user-domain>]

User whose access rules to list (name or ID). If not provided, looks up the current user’s access rules.


Domain the user belongs to (name or ID). This can be used in case collisions between user names exist.

access rule show

Display access rule details

openstack access rule show <access-rule>

Access rule to display (ID)