A mapping is used by the Identity service’s OS-FEDERATION extension. It is used by federation protocols and identity providers. Applicable to Identity v3.

mapping create

Create new mapping

openstack mapping create --rules <filename> <name>
--rules <filename>

Filename that contains a set of mapping rules (required)


New mapping name (must be unique)

mapping delete

Delete mapping(s)

openstack mapping delete <mapping> [<mapping> ...]

Mapping(s) to delete

mapping list

List mappings

openstack mapping list
    [--sort-column SORT_COLUMN]
    [--sort-ascending | --sort-descending]
--sort-column SORT_COLUMN

specify the column(s) to sort the data (columns specified first have a priority, non-existing columns are ignored), can be repeated


sort the column(s) in ascending order


sort the column(s) in descending order

mapping set

Set mapping properties

openstack mapping set [--rules <filename>] <name>
--rules <filename>

Filename that contains a new set of mapping rules


Mapping to modify

mapping show

Display mapping details

openstack mapping show <mapping>

Mapping to display