Senlin CLI man page


The Senlin clustering service doesn’t provide its own command line tool since Queens release. Users are supposed to use openstack cluster commands instead. The python-senlinclient project is an implementation of the OpenStackClient (OSC) plugin that interacts with the Senlin clustering service.

openstack [options] <command> [command-options]

openstack help cluster


The openstack cluster command line utility interacts with OpenStack Cluster Service (Senlin).

In order to use the CLI, you must provide your OpenStack username, password, project (historically called tenant), and auth endpoint. You can use configuration options –os-username, –os-password, –os-project-name, –os-identity-api-version, -os-user-domain-name, –os-project-domain-name and –os-auth-url or set corresponding environment variables:

export OS_USERNAME=user
export OS_PASSWORD=pass
export OS_PROJECT_NAME=myproject
export OS_AUTH_URL=
export OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME=Default


To get a list of available commands and options run:

openstack help cluster

To get usage and options of a command:

openstack help cluster <command>


Get help for profile create command:

openstack help cluster profile create

List all the profiles:

openstack cluster profile list

Create new profile:

openstack cluster profile create --spec-file cirros_basic.yaml PF001

Show a specific profile details:

openstack cluster profile show PF001

Create a node:

openstack cluster node create --profile PF001 NODE001

For more information, please see the senlin documentation.