troveclient.auth_plugin module

troveclient.auth_plugin module

class troveclient.auth_plugin.BaseAuthPlugin

Bases: object

Base class for authentication plugins.

An authentication plugin needs to override at least the authenticate method to be a valid plugin.

static add_opts(parser)

Populate and return the parser with the options for this plugin.

If the plugin does not need any options, it should return the same parser untouched.

authenticate(cls, auth_url)

Authenticate using plugin defined method.


Return the auth url for the plugin (if any).


Parse the actual auth-system options if any.

This method is expected to populate the attribute self.opts with a dict containing the options and values needed to make authentication. If the dict is empty, the client should assume that it needs the same options as the ‘keystone’ auth system (i.e. os_username and os_password).

Returns the self.opts dict.


Discover the available auth-systems.

This won’t take into account the old style auth-systems.


Load options needed by the available auth-systems into a parser.

This function will try to populate the parser with options from the available plugins.

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