RBD iSCSI Client

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This python package is a client that talks to the ceph-iscsi rbd-target-api. The rbd-target-api coordinates the rbd volume exports via iSCSI.


This package requires a running ceph cluster that has the ceph-iscsi gateway tools installed properly and running. The rbd-target-api must be configured and running.


pip install rbd-iscsi-client


This is a REST client that talks to ceph-iscsi’s rbd-target-api to export rbd images/volumes to an iSCSI initiator.

  • get_api - Get all the api endpoints

  • get_config - get the entire gateway config

  • get_targets - Get all of the target_iqn’s defined in the gateways

  • create_target_iqn - create a new target_iqn

  • delete_target_iqn - delete a target_iqn

  • get_clients - get the clients (initiators) defined in the gateways

  • get_client_info - get the client information

  • create_client - Register a new client (initiator) with the gateways

  • delete_client - unregister a client (initiator) from the gateways

  • set_client_auth - set CHAP credentials for the client (initiator)

  • get_disks - get list of volumes defined to the gateways

  • create_disk - create a new volume/disk that the gateways can export

  • find_disk - Find a disk that the gateway knows about

  • delete_disk - delete a disk from the gateway and pool

  • register_disk - Make the disk available to export to a client.

  • unregister_disk - Make a disk unavailable to export to a client.

  • export_disk - Export a registered disk to a client (initiator)

  • unexport_disk - unexport a disk from a client (initiator)


This package makes use of the rbd-target-api from ceph-iscsi package.

This package was originally created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.