2023.1 Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Docker log-opts are now included in the docker daemon.json config again. This allows for docker_log_max_file and docker_log_max_size to now be set/overidden correctly. LP#2044537


New Features

  • Add support for pinning docker package versions by setting docker_apt_package_pin or docker_yum_package_pin.

  • Adds docker_systemd_reload variable (defaults to false), that changes restart task behaviour to reload docker instead when set to true.

Upgrade Notes

  • docker-py SDK library version has been bumped to >=3.0.0 and <7.0.0 compared to >=2.4.2 and <5.0.0 previously.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the docker role to avoid an error “apparmor_parser apparmor_parser –version failed” by installing apparmor package on debian like systems. LP#2004583

  • Fixes a problem where containers that do not set a reasonable nofiles ulimit (e.g. ceph currently) fail to work properly due to the new 1b systemd nofiles ulimit for RHEL9 and clones. The default nofiles ulimit for Docker containers is now set to 1048576 on EL9 hosts. LP#2008761